Creating Community: Learning Together 3


“Creating Community: Learning Together 3” is an informal, relaxing afternoon Learner Development SIG conference taking place on Sunday December 18 12:00-17:00 at Otsuma Women’s University, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

「コミュニティの創造:共に学ぶ3」は、12月18日(日)12:00-17:00に大妻女子大学(東京,市ヶ谷)で開催される午後のインフォーマルで和やかな学習者ディベロプメントSIGの 学会です。

Conference programme as of 19 November 2016

12.00-12.30Registration opensRegistration and refreshments area  
12.30-13.00Opening Plenary
Creating Communty; Ice-breaking, Interests & Goals
Room A264
13.00-13.40Presentations Round 1Room A355Dexter Da Silva
Learning to apply psychological literacy to learning
13.00-13.40Room A355Wakana Sakai, Yurie Ogura, Ami Nomura, Keisen University
13.00-13.40Room A355Nicole GallagherEmotion and communicative competence in English discussion class
13.00-13.40Room A356Robert Werner, with Shiori Kozutsumi, Kanda University of International Studies

Discovering course content through collaborative wiki creation
13.00-13.40Room A356Yusei Ando, Tokai University The realization of goal-setting and the necessity of guidance
13.00-13.40Room A356Martin Cater Native speakerisms at the eikaiwa gakko: A case study
13.00-13.40Room A356Satchie Haga Uncovering assumptions and developing communicative competence through questions and discussion based tasks
13.00-13.40Room A357Katsuyuki Tsutsumi, Chuo UniversityChallenging myself to learn about socially responsible business and micro finance in Myanmar
13.00-13.40Room A357Keito Imai, Chuo University
My research about the spread of ICT in Myanmar
13.00-13.40Room A357Kohaku Kawada, Chuo University
My personal learning and development about education for ethnic minorities in Myanmar
13.00-13.40Room A357Andy Barfield, Chuo UniversityResearching change and development in Burma/Myanmar: Spring preparation, summer fieldwork, and autumn extension
13.00-13.40Room A357Caroline Kocel, Sophia University MA studentA reflexive researcher journeys in Yap, FSM
13.40-14.00Reflection Circles Round 1 in each presentation room
14.00-14.10Short Break
14.10-14.50Presentations Round 2Room A355Colin Rundle, Maho Sanno, Koki Tomita, Tokiko HoriAn action research peer support group
14.10-14.50Room A356Shinobu Nakamura

Creating a language learning community: extensive reading project at a self-access language learning center
14.10-14.50Room A356Sumire Shiba, Otsuma Women's UniversityStudents' perceived ideas of their selves in presentations
14.10-14.50Room A356Danica Ros Kobayashi Keisen University Overcoming language barriers
14.10-14.50Room A356Jenny Morgan
Co-creating learning in a global issues content-based course: Learner research, reflections and reports
14.10-14.50Room A357Lee Arnold, Nanami Higa, Seigakuin University

A learner's diary: Learning, growth, and change in consciousness on a homestay sojourn
14.10-14.50Room A357Tim Ashwell, with Daiki Kikuchi and Shun Watanabe, Komazawa UniversityEvaluating community - who does the asking?
14.10-14.50Room A357Miki Sugiyama, Mioko Takahashi, Harumi Sumikawa, Mai Kusano, Keisen UniversityEffects of love
14.10-14.50Room A357Alexandra ShaitanThe efficiency of student-written journals in improving ESL writing skills. An on-going exploratory study
14.50-15.10Reflection Circles Round 2in each presentation room
15.10-15.20Short Break
15.20-16.00Presentations Round 3Room A355Yoko Morimoto, with Yosuke Iwaki, Yuuki Nakatani, Tomohiro Yagi, Katsuyuki Shioda, Hiroaki MatsushimaHusky Race - A student-led brain-friendly game that takes participants to numerous points of interest in Tokyo (or any city) in small groups to achieve their missions
15.20-16.00Room A356Hiromichi Kanai, Kanda University How can I, as a peer advisor, lower the anxiety in students to come to SALC
15.20-16.00Room A356Ayana Yoshino, Marie Uchida, Kasumi Sukoi, Natsumi IgarashiPresent Japanese language
15.20-16.00Room A356Fumiko Kurosawa

Collaborative learning through zero-food-loss project
15.20-16.00Room A357Robert Stevenson & Huw Davies, Kanda University of International Studies
Rising to the challenge: Bridging the gap between a tour and a cooperative learning experience
15.20-16.00Room A357Futaba Kono, Keisen University
My experience through English
15.20-16.00Room A357Mitsui Hirano, Keisen University
Studying makes your prospects brilliant
15.20-16.00Room A357Ken Ikeda
A sense of belonging to a homestay family: Analysis of a study abroad student’s diary
15.20-16.00Room A357Mayumi Abe Evaluating the effectiveness of using eportfolio to foster self-directed learners
16.00-16.20Reflection Circles Round 3in each presentation room
16.20-16.30Short Break
16.30-17.00Closing Plenary
Making Connections: Learning Together
Room A264

If you have a question or wish to contact the organizers, please send an email to <>, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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Andy Barfield, Blair Barr & Ken Ikeda
Creating Community; Learning Together conference team