CCLT6: Information for Presenters: Students. Deadline: November 30, 23:59

The deadline for submissions is

Monday, November 30th 23:59 

投稿の締め切りは 11 月 30 日(月)23:59 です

We would like to hear from students who have had to adapt their learning so that they can overcome the challenges brought on by the COVID-19. Student proposals may focus on:

  • The challenges they have faced, how they overcame them and how this helped them to develop as learners
  • How they have successfully adapted being more autonomous learners in the online context
  • What has helped them to persevere and succeed
  • As well as any insights or discoveries they have gained and in relation to these questions.


  • 学生が直面した課題、それをどのように克服したか、そしてそれが学習者としての成長にどのように役立ったか
  • オンライン環境でより自律的な学習者であることをどのように適応させることに成功したか
  • 何が自分の忍耐と成功を支えてきたのか
  • また、これらの質問に関連して得られた洞察や発見についても発表が可能です。


Student Presentation Sessions 

  • 3-6 student presenters speak consecutively.

  • Each presentation will be 5 to 6 minutes

  • Presenters are encouraged to make attractive visual aids such as one of the following:

    • Photos of hand-drawn posters

    • PDF poster with large print (nothing less than 22 point font)

    • PowerPoint slides

  • After the short presentations, the presenters will lead a discussion circle.
  • For the discussion that follows they should prepare discussion questions in advance


  • 3~6名の学生発表者が連続して発表します。
  • 各発表は5~6分+質疑応答3分です。
  • 発表者は、以下のような映像資料を作成することをお勧めします。
    • 手描きポスターの写真
    • 大きな印刷のPDFポスター(22ポイントフォント以上のもの)
    • パワーポイント

Panel Discussion Sessions

  • Presenters will present individually and be grouped together via the presentation theme.
  • Two to three presenters will do consecutive short presentations (10-12 mins) on a theme related to learner development.
  • Themes include:
    • Experiential learning;
    • Learner autonomy inside and outside the classroom;
    • Learner identity;
    • Self-access learning
    • Global connections;
    • Improving skills (listening, speaking etc)
    • EAP
  • After the short presentations, the presenters will lead a discussion on the theme of the panel.
  • For the discussion that follows they should prepare discussion questions in advance


  • 2~3名の発表者が、学習者の成長に関連したテーマで連続して短いプレゼンテーション(10~12分)を行います。
  • テーマは以下の通りです。
    • 体験的な学習
    • 教室の内外での学習者の自律性 
    • 学習者のアイデンティティ 
    • セルフアクセス学習
    • グローバルなつながり。
    • スキルアップ(リスニング、スピーキングなど)
    • 学術英語(EAP)
  • 発表の後、パネルメンバーが中心となってテーマに沿ったディスカッションを行います。パネルメンバーは、聴衆への質問を用意しておくことをお勧めします。また、聴衆からの質問にはパネルメンバーが回答を行います。

Conference Fees:

The conference is free for students

Information to prepare for your proposal:

  • Presenter Name
  • Format of Presentation (Student Presentation / Panel Discussion)
  • Contact Email Address
  • Name and Email of the teacher (this will be used to CC them when we email you)
  • Affiliation
  • Title of Presentation (No more than 50 characters including spaces)
  • Summary of Presentation (100-150 words)
  • Keywords (2-4 important words connected to your presentation)

How to submit a Proposal

You can submit a proposal below, by following this link:


Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the CCLT6 conference, you can contact the conference organizing team at <>, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

CCLT6 カンファレンスについてご質問がある場合は、会議開催チームまで までご連絡ください