CCLT6: Information for Presenters: Teachers (and Researchers). Deadline: November 30, 23:59

The deadline for submissions is

Monday, November 30th 23:59 

投稿の締め切りは 11 月 30 日(月)23:59 です

We would like to hear from teachers who have had to adapt to this situation while keeping their learners’ development at the forefront. Proposals may focus on the challenges you have faced in terms of learner and/or teacher development this year and how you have overcome them, this may involve:

  • how you have successfully adapted activities to promote learner development inside or outside of your classroom (online or face to face)
  • how you have promoted a community of learning in your classes inside or outside of your classroom (online or face to face)
  • how you have encouraged your learners to deal with the challenges that they faced and persevere
  • any puzzles you have had related to learner and/or teacher development and explored through research
  • as well as any insights or discoveries you or your students have gained in relation to the above.


Academic Research Presentation Sessions

  • Presenters will present individually and be grouped together via the presentation theme.
  • Each presentation will be 20 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of discussion and Q&A. 
  • Presenters are encouraged to make visual aids such as .ppt or .pdf which they will share with the audience via screen-share.

After the presentation, short discussion circles will be held.

  1. 学術研究発表セッション
  • このセッションでは、時間内に2つのプレゼンテーションが発表されます。
  • 各発表は20分で、その後5分間のディスカッションと質疑応答があります。
  • 発表者は、有用なキーワードや画像を用いたスライドやPDFなどのビジュアルエイドを作成することをお勧めします。
Teacher and Student Collaborative presentation 
Teacher and Student present together collaboratively. A possible outline for this could be:
  • Teacher outlines the background to the research and/or class
  •  Student(s) shares their experiences of this course (and how it has lead to their development)
  • Teacher summarises and closes the presentation

Panel Discussion Sessions

  • Two to three presenters will do consecutive short presentations (10-15 mins) on a theme related to learner development.
  • Possible themes:
    • Heritage Language
    • Language Loss;
    • Language Identities and Transitions;
    • Language Trauma;
    • Metacognition;
    • Metaphors for learning;
    • Multilingualism
  • After the short presentations, the presenters will lead a discussion on the theme of the panel.
  • For the discussion that follows they should prepare discussion questions in advance

Conference Fees:

To keep the conference free to students and cover costs we ask that those teachers and researchers who present to pay fees according to the following:

    • LD-SIG Members: ¥1,000
    • Non-LD-SIG Members with a JALT Membership ¥1,500
    • Non-JALT Members ¥2000
    • Full-time students: Free (but we request you provide proof of your status)

Information to prepare for your proposal:

  • Presenter Name
  • Contact Email Address
  • Affiliation
  • Title of Presentation (No more than 50 characters including spaces)
  • Summary of Presentation (100-150 words)
  • Keywords (2-4 important words connected to your presentation)

How to submit a Proposal

You can submit a proposal below, by following this link: