Issue three

Call for Proposals for Issue 3 of The Learner Development Journal

May 28 2017

If you are interested in editing the third issue or subsequent issues (with one or more others) on a theme relating to learner development, we would love to hear from you by June 30th about your ideas and interests.

1. Possible themes for the third issue of the journal might include:

  • action research
  • assessment
  • content-based learning
  • creativity
  • critical literacy
  • digital literacy
  • globalization
  • identity
  • international communities of learners
  • learner autonomy
  • learner development outside of formal education
  • learner emotion
  • learners as researchers
  • motivation
  • multilingualism
  • reflection
  • self-access
  • …,

all of which have been mentioned by LD members as potentially interesting areas to research and explore together.

2. You are welcome to propose other learner development themes too. We are especially interested in practitioner research, student participatory research, and co-authored works.

3. If your proposal were accepted, the next step would be to prepare a Call for Papers to go out in September or October this year.

4. The overall aim would be to bring together a group of contributors (6-10 papers, book reviews, interviews, and so on) to collaborate under your leadership as co-editors.

5. Contributors would work with each other to read and respond to one another’s work during the research and writing process.

6. For further details about what to put in your proposal, see further below.

7. For further details about the aim, scope and policy of The Learner Development Journal, please see

8. If you have any questions or would like to check any details with us, please feel free to contact us.

Many thanks in advance – we’re looking forward to hearing from you,


Alison Stewart (
Andy Barfield (
Tim Ashwell (
Learner Development Journal Steering Group

Guidelines for putting together a proposal for an issue of The Learner Development Journal (updated 28 May 2017)

Please follow these guidelines in putting together your proposal. Before making your proposal, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the Aims, Scope and Policy of The Learner Development Journal – see

Please note that you do not need to put yourself forward as co-editor in order to make a proposal for an issue of The Learner Development Journal. It may be that you are keenly interested in a particular theme to do with learner development and that you would like to see if your interest is shared by others.

1. Your first name and family name

2. Your email address

3. You are a Learner Development SIG member: Yes/No

4. Where you live (place, country)

5. Your role in this proposed issue (co-editor/contributor/undecided)

(a) If co-editor, the person you have in mind as the joint editor is:

(b) If contributor, the person(s) you have in mind as co-editor(s) is/are:

6. Explain in about 300-500 words what the theme is that you are proposing and why this theme would be (a) interesting and (b) important for Learner Development SIG members. Include also example questions, problems or puzzles that you and the other contributors would be interested in exploring, and why.

7. Explain how you imagine the shared exploration by contributors will be realized (for example, face-to-face meetings, local get-together discussions, Skype, email).

8. List the contributors (if known at this point) for particular parts of the issue, namely (a) 6-10 papers, (b) review(s) of key texts, (c) an interview with a key teacher/researcher in the field, and (d) introduction and conclusion written by the issue editor(s) providing an overview and context to the whole collection of work.

9. Any problems or difficulties that you anticipate

10. Any questions or concerns you have about the practice, process or production of an issue of the journal