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The Learner Development Journal (LDJ)

updated 19th October 2020

ISSN 2433-5401

One issue per year https://ldjournalsite.wordpress.com/

Launched in November 2017, The Learner Development Journal is the online, open-access journal of the Learner Development SIG. Published once a year, it is devoted to practitioner-driven research, reviews and interviews exploring learner development issues in second language education.

In October 2020, the LDJ 6 call for contributions for Issue 6 on Learner Development Beyond the Classroom went out, aiming to explore “how learners grow beyond the environments that teachers are most familiar with” and to “… encourage a holistic and ecological view of an individual’s growth, taking into account multiple parts of learners’ experiences.”

Ahead of the 15th January 2021 deadline for proposals for Issue 6 (longer explorations at 4,00 to 6,00 words, or practice-related book reviews at 1,500-2,500 words), please feel free to contact the editors of Issue 6 (Isra Wongsarnpigoon, Dominique Vola Ambinintsoa, Phillip A. Bennett, André A. Parsons, & Stuart D. Warrington) at <jalt.ldj6@gmail.com> if you have any questions or would like to check any details.

Currently, Issue 4, focusing on “Exploring the Supervision Process Across Diverse Contexts: Collaborative Approaches” (issue editors: Sabine Little & Michelle Golledge), will be published in late 2020, while research, collaboration, and writing are actively and collaboratively under way for Issue 5 on “Engaging with the Multilingual Turn in Learner Development: Practices, Issues, Discourses and Theorisations” (issue editors: Andy Barfield, Oana Maria Cusen, Yuri Imamura, & Riitta Kelly), with a target publication date of Autumn 2021.

The inaugural issue of the The Learner Development Journal on “Visualising Learner Development” (issue editors: Darren Elliott & Hugh Nicoll) was launched in November 2017. In December 2018, the second issue on “Qualitative Research into Learner Development” (issue editors: Chika Hayashi, Masuko Miyahara, & Patrick Kiernan) was published, with Issue 3 on “Learner Identities and Transitions” (issue editors: Christina Gkonou, Jim Ronald, & Yoshio Nakai) going online in December 2019.

The sub-menu for each issue links to the Calls for Proposals pages, for archival purposes, and to the Table of Contents page of the issues themselves as they are published on the LDJ website. 

If you are interested in proposing a theme for a future issue of the LDJ and forming an editorial team, please read the links further below. Many thanks.

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