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The Learner Development Journal (LDJ)

updated December 13 2017

ISSN 2433-5401

One issue per year     https://ldjournalsite.wordpress.com/

The inaugural issue of The Learner Development Journal (LDJ) is online hereWriting and research for the second issue (due to be published in October 2018) on “Qualitative Research into Learner Development” are well under way (issue editors: Chika Hayashi, Masuko Miyahara, & Patrick Kiernan), while the Call for Proposals for Issue 3 of the LDJ on learner identities and transitions is now available (issue editors: Christina Gkonou, Jim Ronald, & Yoshio Nakai).

If you are interested in proposing a theme for Issue 4 or Issue 5 and forming an editorial team, please read the links further below. Many thanks.

Aims and scope of the LDJ

Issue editors

Preparing a proposal for an issue of the LDJ

Timeline for an issue of the LDJ

Guidelines for authors

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