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LD SIG Forums in 2017

The LD SIG Programs Team will once again be aiming to hold forums at the following three JALT conferences in 2017:

  • Pan-SIG 2017 – Akita International University, Akita, May 19-21, 2017
  • JALT CALL 2017 – Matsuyama University, Matsuyama, Shikoku, June 16-18, 2017
  • JALT 2017 – Epochal Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, November 17-20, 2017

Currently, The Learner Development SIG programs team is excited to invite you to submit proposals for the LD SIG forum at the 2017 PanSIG Conference talking place at Akita International University in Akita City between May 19 and 21.  The theme of the PanSIG conference this year is “Expand your Interests,” and in conjunction with this theme we would like to use this opportunity to start the conversation around “Visualizing Learning Development,” the theme of the first issue for the upcoming Learner Development Journal.  This is a great opportunity to share research on a variety of learner development topics.  Deadline for proposals is Sunday, November 13.

LD SIG Forums in 2016

The LD SIG Programs Team have been excited to have had the presentation submissions for the LD SIG forums of 2016 for the following conferences:

  • Pan-SIG 2016 – Meio University, Nago, Okinawa, May 20-23, 2016
  • JALT CALL 2016 – Tamagawa University, Tokyo, June 3-5, 2016
  • JALT 2016 – Aichi Industry & Labor Center, WINC Aichi, Nagoya, November 25-28, 2016

As listed, we have had two main events this year – the forums at Pan-SIG 2016 and at CALL 2016, both of which were great successes thanks to the time, energy, expertise, and enthusiasm of our forum participants in both events. Now, we’re looking forward to the run-up to our final forum for this year – JALT 2016 in Nagoya!


The changes that learners undergo in the process of language acquisition often involve the emergence of autonomous identities as users of language that may stem as much from personal maturation as from learning achievement. The impact of such change is profound, and may shift the instructor’s role beyond facilitation and fostering of language towards aiding in the cultivation of whole persons.

This year’s Learner Development forum theme at JALT 2016 focuses on such change and growth. We have ten (10) presentations within the forum for this year that reflect various strands of exploration on learner evolution of identity through language and personal maturation. We invite LD members from across the country who are not in the forum but who will be in Nagoya for JALT 2016 to come, view, and engage with our great forum participants to add further to the explorations and findings on display.

Indeed, questions and commentary add to the presentations and become part of the explorations. Research does not stop with the end of the forum, and indeed, may only begin because of what those who view the displays add to the research shown. Because of how much we value what becomes collaboration, we also encourage all to put out the word to colleagues and associates who may not be LD members to come along and join in our forum to view, comment, and discuss with us!

Please remember that the SIG offers a variety of grants for members, including grants to support attendance at the Pan-SIG, JALTCALL, and JALT International Conferences. Please see the grants page for further details.