Other Outreach Possibilities

Several presentations at the Learner Development SIG’s 20th Anniversary Conference focused on outreach, including building online learning communities, peace camps, social education in community classes and volunteering/service learning. Many students also took part in the conference, reporting on the development of their language learning and use, academic work, and research to do with different social issues. The possibilities for developing outreach and involving students in different learner development events and projects seem bright indeed.



Getting involved

If you have suggestions to share and/or you (& your students) would like to contribute to the development of other outreach projects, please contact the SIG co-coordinators Alison Stewart: stewart_al AT MARK hotmail dot com, and Fumiko Murase: fumikomurase AT MARK gmail dot com.

The 2015 Student Ambassador Programme is gearing up for an exciting year, and looking for teachers and students who’d like to participate. For more information, please see our 2015 Student Ambassador Programme page.


スチュアート(stewart_al AT MARK hotmail dot com)と、村瀬文子(fumikomurase AT MARK gmail dot com)までご連絡下さい。