LD SIG Project Grants | LD SIGプロジェクト助成金

The Learner Development (LD) SIG is offering two ¥20,000 Project Grant to LD SIG members conducting or leading education-related projects or volunteer activities as individuals or in groups, who are willing to write an article (approximately 1500 words/3000 Japanese characters) about their project for Learning Learning. Applications may include, but are not limited to, the following examples. If you are unsure whether your project qualifies or not, please contact the Grants Team.

*Teachers and/or students engaging with and/or helping communities or groups of people outside of their educational context, at either a local, national, or international level;
*Encouraging student development through supporting student participation in conferences, LD SIG Forums, LD SIG get togethers, etc.

学習者ディベロップメントSIG (LD SIG) は、個人またはグループで、教育に関連したプロジェクトやボランティア活動などを行ったりコーディネートしたりするLD SIG会員に対して、2万円のプロジェクト助成金を2件支給します。プロジェクトを紹介する英文(1500語程度)もしくは和文(3000字程度)の記事を「学習の学習」に投稿して頂くことが受給の条件となります。以下のようなプロジェクトが想定されますが、この限りではありません。応募したいプロジェクトが対象になるかどうか確認したい方は、助成金チームへご連絡ください。


Recipient/s can use the grant in any way within reason that will support their project. Please indicate in your application how the grant will be used to support the successful completion of the project.


Project Grants are open to individuals who receive research money from their workplaces.


Instructions for applying for an LD SIG Project Grant | LD SIGプロジェクト助成金申し込み方法
Please include the following information in an email in either English or Japanese:

  1. Name | 氏名(日本語の場合はローマ字表記もお願いします。)
  2. Institution/s and role/s | 所属教育機関およびご担当
  3. Grant you are applying for | 応募している助成金
  4. JALT Membership Number | JALT会員番号
  5. A 600 word (or 1200 character) explanation of your project and how you intend to use the grant to support it. Send this as a rich text format MS Word attachment. Be sure to include your name both within the file and in the file name. In your covering email message, please introduce yourself to us in English or Japanese. 小論文(英文600語もしくは和文1200字以内)をお送りください。内容はプロジェクトの説明および助成金の使用方法について書いてください。これをリッチテキスト形式のMS Wordファイルにて添付書類としてお送りください。ファイル内またはファイル名に必ずお名前を書くこと。メールには、自己紹介文(英語または日本語)も付記してください。

Send your application to: learnerdevelopmentsiggrants@gmail.com

Deadline for applications: Friday, 30 June 2017, 23:59 (Japan Standard Time)

*You are welcome to submit applications for more than one type of LD SIG grant. However, in order to grant funds to as many teachers and students as possible, grant recipients can receive an award from only one grant category.

*複数のLD SIG助成金への応募は可能ですが、一人でも多くの方のお役に立てるように、受給の場合は一件のみとなります。

Selection criteria 選考基準:

Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria.
1. Clarity of the applicant’s purpose for applying for the grant.
2. Depth of the applicant’s engagement and/or interest in learner development.
3. Necessity of receiving the grant.