Publication team aims

Updated October 2016

The aim of the Publications Team is to provide a support service to the SIG membership with regard to publications. This involves helping facilitate discussion and development of new research, for example, in get-togethers, conference forums, workshops, panels, symposia etc. Helping new writers to develop their writing for publication in our biannual newsletter Learning Learning, our new annual Learner Development Journal and other SIG publications, supporting initiatives aimed at publishing research, and thinking about learner development are also a large responsibility of the Publications Team.

学習者ディベロプメント研究部会の出版チームの主な活動はメンバーの皆様の 研究を出版に向けてお手伝いすることです。これは例えば、JALT LDフォーラムや各地域での研究部会の集まりが発端となってまとめた成果を出版するサポートをします。又、「学習の学習」に掲載する論文や記事をまとめるお手伝いも出版チームの大きな役割です。今年、出版が予定されているものは下記の通りです。

SIG Book Projects to Date

  • 2016: Special Issue of Learning Learning 23(2). Proceedings of the JALT2016 LD Forum and Creating Communities: Learning Together 2 conference.
  • 2015: Special Issue of Learning Learning 22(2). Proceedings of the Creating Communities: Learning Together 1 conference
  • 014: Learner Development Working Papers: Different Cases: Different Interests. Download for free on
  • 2014: Collaborative Learning in Learner Development. Download for free on; order print copy from Alison Stewart ( Price 1,500 yen plus postage and packing.
  • 2012: Special Issue of Learning Learning 19(2). Proceedings from the Realizing Autonomy Conference.
  • 2011: Realizing Autonomy (Palgrave-Macmillan). Order from
  • 2006: More Autonomy You Ask!
  • 2003: Autonomy You Ask!