2003 Spring 10.1

LEARNING LEARNING 学習の学習 10.1 Contents | 目次

ISSN 1882-1103

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Contents | 目次

Feature Articles

  • Reflection on Autonomy in My Language Learning: The Role of Motivation – Etsuko Shimo
  • Using the “Eigo wa zettai, benkyou suru na!” Method and Super Listening CDs for JSL Self-study – Roberta Welch
  • The Sweet Music of Collaborative Connections: An Introduction to the Learner Development Anthology – Andy Barfield & Mike Nix
  • Phil Benson: Teachers’and learners’ differing perspectives on learner autonomy – Ellen Head
    フィル・ベンソン: 自律学習に関して教師と生徒の異なる見方
  • Review of “Learner autonomy: learning from the student’s voice” – Miyuki Usuki
  • Sharing Our Stories of Autonomy – Stephen Davies; Nakatani Mika
Learner Development Anthology Project