This is the final schedule for Creating Community: Learning Together 2 on Sunday December 13 2015  12.00-17.00.


12:00 Refreshments areaRegistration Registration open through to 15:00
12:30-13:00A252EveryoneOpening plenary: Creating community
13:00-14:00A353Shinobu Nakamura

Creating a language learning community: Training camp for student staff at the Musashi Communication Village
A353Agnes Patko

Learning together across borders: correspondence between Hungarian and Japanese learners
A353Alison Stewart

What do students learn from online intercultural exchanges?
A353Erina Iwasa

The "Sousyokukei Danshi" herbivorous boys in 2000's Japanese animations
A355Yoko Morimoto & Yusuke Ishikawa, Shun Kawachi, Yuya Miyazaki and freshmen, Yusuke Asada, and Koki Wada

The World Peace Game: A student-led simulation game for achieving world peace
A356Robert Werner & Chinami Takayama, Emiri Kuramochi, Mutsumi Nishita

Student and teacher reflections of a new process-based course
A356Chris Fitzgerald & Keiko Takahashi

Establishing a peer-support network within a self-access centre
A356Fumiko Kurosawa

Learning together at a salvage party
A357Mathew Porter3.11 Looking back together
A357Jenny Morgan

Priming learners to use English as a Lingua Franca with other plurilingual speakers during fieldwork in Cambodia
A357Masashi Kimura

A student initiated community development project
A357Manami Shiono

My first visit to Myanmar this year and a big challenge next year
A357Karin Takahashi

Learning together: Ways of thinking about immigration and refugee issues
A357Mai Nakayama, Mika Obata & Sumika Okada
SAGE: Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship
A357Kaori Tsukagoshi

Teaching experience in survival situation
14:00-14:30A353, A355, A356, A357Reflection and discussion
14:30-14:45Short break
14:45-15:45A353Junsei Goseki
Understanding teachers and learners in different learning communities from the perspective of trust
A353Curtis Edlin

Community as boon for autonomy
A353Satchie Haga

Nurturing an active thinking community through questions and discussion
A353Blair Barr & Michael Hetherton

Teacher collaboration for successful presentation planning
A353Huw Davies

How can analytics inform the way we learn?
A355Robert Moreau, Yuki Takiyama & Shuhei Yamada
Exploring student progress in, and reactions to, a 2-semester series of out-of-class listening activities
A355Fumiko Murase

Putting puzzles in front of students: An example of autonomous learning programme
A355Ken Ikeda
Reflections on teaching a graphic novel as an intensive reading experience
A355Mari Uchida

How to make animated and fulfilling discussions in a literature class
A355Natsuki Fukushima
How to use manaba in discussion, assignment and examinations
A356Andy Barfield

Diversifying writing in student research projects on global issues
A356Lee Arnold

Every picture tells a story: raising global-glocal awareness in a language-oriented writing course with photography
A356Mayumi Abe

Possibilities of utilizing portfolios to foster self-directed language learners
A356Tim Ashwell

The final stages of sotsuron guidance - how to create a community of writers
A357Colin RundleThe LD Student Ambassador Program: Learning beyond the classroom
A357James Underwood, Tsuyoshi Manoka, Daisuke Murata & Ryota Sakamoto Creating community through learning together: What? How? Why?
A357Ian Hurrell

Motivating students to do out-of-class activities
A357Stacey VyeArt and the L2 motivational self-system in a university course
A357Kie Yamamoto
Sharing our stories: Developing learner autonomy in the first year at university
A357Shiori KandaMy first year at KUIS
A357Misaki Tsuruta

English learning in my dorm
A357Kao Shinoda
My English learning experience this year at the Practice Centre in KUIS
A357Haruna HosodaThe way of studying English and Spanish
15:45-16:15A353, A355, A356, A357Reflection and discussion
16:15-16:30Short break
16:30-17:00A252Everyone - closing plenary session: learning togetherSharing reflections, stories and questions from the afternoon