Creating Community Learning Together 6: Sunday 20th December 2020 (10:00-17:00)  

Learner Development SIG Online Conference
Sunday December 20th
10:00 – 17:00
Conference fee for audience: Free of charge!

Creating Community Learning Together (CCLT) is an annual informal conference organized by the Learner Development Special Interest Group (LDSIG) of the Japan Association of Language Teaching (JALT). As well as featuring professional research presentations on learner development issues; such as, learner autonomy, collaborative learning, metacognition, CLIL, etc; one of the unique aspects of this conference is the number of student presentations giving first-hand accounts of their learner development journeys. Another key characteristic is the interactive nature of the event which puts an emphasis on dialogue and feedback, where the audience has ample opportunity to interact with the presenters and engage in reflective discussion on the issues and ideas that are presented.

In this 6th CCLT conference, our first session, led by Dr Joseph Shaules of the Japan Intercultural Institute, will be an interactive session which challenges us to reflect on our understanding of language learning and culture. There will be a chance to meet and discuss with other participants in a breakout room for part of the session. After that, we have gathered more than 30 presentations sharing their experiences of teaching and learning while reflecting on how they have developed as students and teachers, which discuss not only the content but also the processes, emotions and insights which accompanied their learning in this unique and challenging year. We hope that this conference will be an exciting and inspiring event for all involved and we look forward to seeing and talking with you there.

The conference will be free of charge for audience members. To sign up for the conference please go to and follow the instructions. If you have any problems, please contact us at:

Click the following link to download the schedule of presentations in PDF format:

Also, you can find summaries of all the presentations on the CCLT Eventzilla page:

Ian Hurrell, James Underwood and Ken Ikeda, (CCLT6 Co-chairs)
Ellen Head, Koki Tomita and Lorna Asami (CCLT6 Organizing Committee)