Learner Development Journal: Some news and ideas for discussion …

Hi everyone

Some news and ideas for discussion here about the Learner Development Journal …

As part of the October get-together in Tokyo the 12 of us there had a discussion about possible themes and areas of interest for the first three issues of the journal.

The clearest sense of agreement emerged around ‘Visualizing Learner Development’ for the first issue of the journal (2017).

Alison has since contacted an LD member about being (one of) the editor(s) for ‘Visualizing Learner Development’, and that person is ready to take the lead … More details to follow soon …

At the get-together ‘Critical Pedagogy’ also got suggested as a possible theme, as did ‘Student/Learner Engagement’. Some folks felt that Critical Pedagogy is perhaps not so transparent as a theme … partly from that sense of feeling the need to read another three books to understand the one you’re already dipping into on critical pedagogy … -:)

Others thought that Learner Development and (Local/)Global Issues might be appealing (but could also be a bit clunky). Would, then, something like ‘Learners as Researchers’ work better as a possible theme and draw people in?

The get-together discussion also included ‘Learner Development and Multilingualism’, and later, post-get-together, ‘Learner Development and Identity’ got mentioned, too.

People thought it would be good to share these ideas and encourage discussion ahead of JALT2015, then discuss more at JALT2015, and have space for further discussion at different LD get-togethers, including Creating Community: Learning Together 2 in December in Tokyo.

The aim is to identify a specific thematic focus for issue 2 of the journal in 2018 and issue 3 in 2019 that LD members are interested in, as well as editors for either issue who could then put out a call for collaborators to the whole of the SIG membership (and beyond too) in early 2016.

Please feel free to share your comments, ideas and suggestions – many thanks in advance for doing so!


Alison, Andy, and Tim, journal steering group

For more information on plans for a Learner Development Journal:

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