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Learning Learning 2014

updated 7 November 2014

About our Newsletter

Learning Learning is the SIG newsletter and is published online biannually(ISSN 1882-1103) by the JALT Learner Development SIG in Tokyo, Japan. To view the PDF files requires at least version 5 of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

We would like to encourage new writing and new writers and are also very happy to work with you in developing your writing. We would be delighted to hear from you about your ideas, reflections, experiences, and interests to do with learner development, learner autonomy and teacher autonomy.

We plan to publish the next issue of Learning Learning in October 2014. The deadline for manuscripts for the fall issue is the end of July. Ideally, we would like to hear from you well before the deadline, but in reality, the door is always open, so feel free to contact one of the editors when you are ready:

Planned publication dates for 2014

The SIG plans to publish two issues of Learning Learning in 2014. Types of writing we would like to encourage

Special Realizing Autonomy Conference Proceedings issue of Learning Learning

Available Now! Realizing Autonomy Proceedings TOC

「学習の学習特別号」 Realizing Autonomy学会紀要

Past issues of Learning Learning

Issues of Learning Learning going all the way back to 1994 are now available in PDF format, with some exceptions. Many thanks to founding co-coordinator Richard Smith for scanning archival copies, many of which were originally printed on an old Risograph, collated by hand, and mailed in hard copy. We hope to get our full archive uploaded soon.


All pieces are copyright of their respective authors. Permission to re-print and/or re-produce online writing from Learning Learning should be sought directly from the author(s) concerned. If arrangements are made for the reprinting and/or re-production online of an article originally published in Learning Learning, we respectfully request that the full citation reference for the original article in Learning Learning be included with the re-printed and/or re-produced online version.