LD SIG Publications

The SIG has three main areas of publication activity:

Across these different publication activities the SIG aims to provide a supportive, inclusive environment for writers to:

  • share and discuss their writing about learner development pedagogic practices and research
  • constructively respond
  • develop their work through to being published.

We are particularly committed to encouraging new writers, inclusive practitioner research, student participatory research, co-authored writing, and co-editing. We are also equally happy to work with more experienced writers. You are always welcome to contact us about ideas and writing that you are interested in contributing for different publications on learner development.

Those working on Learner Development SIG publications share a commitment to working together in small teams, whether it be Learning Learning, The Learner Development Journal, or occasional book projects. We therefore aim to learn together about writing, editing, responding, and/or translating, for our shared personal and professional development. If you are interested in working on the editorial side of publications, for example in responding to particular pieces of writing as a reader responder or co-editing, or if you wish to help with translating, feel free to contact one of the committee members involved in publications.