Welcome to the website of the Learner Development Special Interest Group of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT). We are a lively, dynamic community of learners and teachers from all teaching contexts, both formal and informal, who share an interest in exploring learner development and autonomy through our practice, research, and dialogue.


  • We organize regular local get-togethers in Tokyo, Kansai and Hiroshima, and forums at the PanSIG, JALTCALL, and JALT International conferences.
  • We publish an inclusive and informative bi-annual newsletter, Learning Learning.
  • We collaborate on publications of research and practice in the area of learner development.
  • We encourage dialogue among our members, on our Blog and Discussion List
  • We support outreach projects relating to language learning in communities less fortunate than our own.
  • We offer grants to members to support research, projects, and conference attendance. There are also membership and subscription grants for non-SIG and non-JALT members.
  • 東京、関西、広島で定期的に地域別集会を開催しています。また、国内の学会ではフォーラムを開催しています。
  • 年2回、情報が満載のニュースレター『学習の学習』を発行しています。
  • 学習者ディベロプメントの分野における研究と実践の出版に向けて、共同で取り組んでいます。
  • ブログやディスカッションリスト上で、会員同士の対話を奨励しています。
  • 支援が必要と思われるコミュニティーにおいて、言語学習に関わるアウトリーチプロジェクトを支援しています。
  • 新会員および現会員を対象に、会費助成、研究助成、学会参加助成、アウトリーチプロジェクトへの助成など、さまざまな助成金を支給しています。

Please join us. We look forward to working with you!


  • Deadline: January 27, 2017 The call for proposals for the LD Forum at JALT CALL 2017 is out! Complete the application to submit your proposals!  See the Forums page for detail http://ld-sig.org/ld-sig-forums/
  • Many thanks to the students and teachers who took part in Creating Community Learning Together 3 on Sunday December 18th, 2016, at Otsuma Women’s University in Tokyo. Thirty-four students and 30 teachers attended,  and we hope that many participants and presenters will share short articles and reflections in Learning Learning in 2017.
  • special, heartfelt thanks to all who submitted for all three of our forums this year (Pan-SIG, CALL, and JALT2016). We had great forums at all three conferences thanks to the energy, enthusiasm, expertise, and commitment of all of the presenters and participants!
  • Collaborative Learning in Learner Development (CLiLD) can continue to be downloaded for free from Smashwords:
    The book can be read in iBooks and almost any other e-book reader. By downloading “Calibre“, an open source program, you can read the ebook on a pc and can convert it into any other e-reader format, including Kindle.
  • Follow our on-going activity reports here or on Facebook!

Past roundup and review

  • JALT2015, held the weekend of November 20-23, 2015, was by all accounts a rousing success. Otsukaresama to all — especially Dexter and Kay, the conference chairs.
  • CCLT2our LD mini-conference held on December 13, 2015 at Otsuma Women’s University in Tokyo, followed by our bounenkai, was also a success! Click on the link to see photos and more of this great event.
  • Updated versions of the SIG AGM Minutes and Annual Reports, 2013-2015, are now available on the LD SIG web site.