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About us


updated 4 April 2017

About the Learner Development (LD) SIG



The Learner Development SIG is a network with just over 200 members around the world who have an interest in developing and researching practices that aim to support autonomous learning and teaching. We share a commitment to exploring connections between:

  • our experiences as learners & our practices as teachers
  • learners’ experiences inside & outside the classroom.

We offer chances to get connected with other teachers, students and researchers through:

  • our bilingual newsletter Learning Learning
  • an email announcements list and other online resources
  • local area get-togethers in different parts of Japan
  • a forum (and great party!) at the annual JALT conference
  • links with similar groups in other parts of the world.

Our research-based publications include Autonomy You Ask! (2003), More Autonomy You Ask! (2006), Realizing Autonomy (2011), Learner Development: Different Cases, Different Interests (2014) and Collaborative Learning in Learner Development (2014). We also provide a variety of grants to help educators without institutional support to attend the JALT CALL conference, PanSIG, and annual JALT international conference, conduct research, and carry out projects.

学習者ディベロプメント研究部会は、オートノミーの ある学習と教授を支援することを目的とした実践をさらに発展させ、研究することに関心のある者約200名が、世界中から集まって組織する研究部会です。次の点における関連性の探求に尽力します。

  • 学習者としての経験と教師としての実践
  • 学習者としての教室内外での経験


  • 二ヶ国語ニュースレター「学習の学習」
  • メールリスト、オンライン資料
  • 日本各地における地区別集会
  • JALT年次大会におけるフォーラム(そして大懇親会!)
  • 他国の同様のグループとの連携

SIGの研究を基にした出版物として、Autonomy You Ask! (2003)、More Autonomy You Ask! (2006)、 Realizing Autonomy (2011)、Learner Development: Different Cases, Different Interests (2014) 、Collaborative Learning in Learner Development (2014) があります。また、他の組織から研究助成を受けていない教育関係者へは、JALT CALL学会・PanSIG・JALT国際学会への出席や、研究、プロジェクトを支援する様々な助成金制度もあります。

Learner Development (LD) SIG Officers 2017



LD SIG administration is handled by a number of teams collaborating in areas that support the normal functioning of the SIG, such as treasury, programmes, publications, and membership, as well as additional interests such as grants and local get-togethers. Being a member of one of these teams not only provides ample opportunity for professional development but also allows for administrative knowledge to be shared and continuity maintained year after year. There is always a need for new volunteers and more experienced SIG committee members are always willing to help new volunteers get accustomed to their roles and support new ideas that continue to take our SIG in exciting directions. Please contact any team member or one of the co-coordinators if you are interested in volunteering.

LD SIGの運営は、SIGの基本的な機能を支える財務、プログラム、メンバーシップチームや、発展的な活動を支援する出版、助成金チーム等の多くのチームの協力で成り立っています。これらのチームの一員になることにより、自らの専門性を高める機会に恵まれるだけでなく、運営に関する知識やSIGに受け継がれる経験や知恵を学ぶことができます。各チームでは新しいメンバーを常に求めています。そして、経験のあるSIGの委員会メンバーは、新メンバーがその役目に慣れ、新しいアイディアを支援してSIGを活性化させ続けられるよう、いつでも喜んでサポートします。チームへの参加に関心をお持ちの方は、各チームメンバーまたはコーディネーターまでご連絡ください。

We look forward to another exciting year with issues of Learning Learning scheduled for publication in the spring and fall, and local area gatherings meeting regularly in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. We also look forward to working with other SIGs at the PanSIG and CALL conferences. For further updates on conferences and other events, please see the Events page.

新たな年には、Learning Learningが春と秋に発行されるほか、東京や京都、広島で地区別定例集会が行われます。また、PanSIGやCALL学会での他のSIGとの活動も楽しみです。学会やその他のイベントに関する最新情報は、Eventsのページをご覧ください。


  • Mayumi Abe: mymabe AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Mathew Porter: portermathew AT MARK hotmail dot com

Treasury Team

  • Huw Davies: h.davies1 AT MARK gmail dot com

Membership Team

  • Ann Flanagan: ritskyoto AT MARK mac dot com
  • Barrie Matte mattebarrie AT MARK gmail dot com

Programme Team

  • Blair Barr: digger75ca AT MARK yahoo dot ca (chair)
  • Daniel Hooper: 5141104 AT MARK kuis dot sc dot jp
  • Robert Morel: rcmorel AT MARK gmail dot com

Grants Team

  • Jenny Morgan: jennyromain AT MARK yahoo dot com
  • Kris Sullivan: kristenmareesullivan AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Satomi Yoshimuta: yoshimuta.satomi AT MARK gmail dot com


Learning Learning Editorial Team

  • Arnold Arao: learninglearning dot editor AT MARK gmail dot com (editor)
  • Andy Barfield: barfield dot andy AT MARK gmail dot com (Members’ Voices)
  • Chika Hayashi: c-hayashi AT MARK hotmail dot com (Translation coordinator)
  • Tokiko Hori: thori AT MARK soka dot ac dot jp (Translator)
  • Yoshio Nakai: yonakai AT MARK mail dot doshisha dot ac dot jp (Translator)
  • Koki Tomita: tomita.koki AT MARK gmail dot com (Translator)

Learner Development Journal Steering Group

  • Tim Ashwell: tashwell AT MARK komazawa-u dot ac dot jp
  • Andy Barfield: barfield.andy AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Alison Stewart: stewart1411 AT MARK gmail dot com

Publicity Team

  • Nicole Gallagher: nicolemariegallagher AT MARK gmail dot com


  • Rob Moreau: rmoreau2 AT MARK mac dot com

Web Maintenance and Development

  • Hugh Nicoll: hnicoll AT MARK gmail dot com

Get-Together Teams


  • Jim Ronald: jmronald AT MARK gmail dot com


  • Agnes (Agi) Patko: ldkansaigettogethers AT MARK gmail DOT com


  • Andy Barfield: barfield.andy AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Ian Hurrell: taffstar2003 AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Jenny Morgan: jennyromain AT MARK gmail dot com

Committee Members at large

  • Lee Arnold: washizora AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Matthew Coomber: mcoomber AT MARK hotmail dot com
  • Dexter Da Silva: dasilva AT MARK keisen dot ac dot jp
  • Ken Ikeda: kodanuki AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Bill Mboutsiadis: billmboutsiadis AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Masuko Miyahara: masukom.m58 AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Fumiko Murase: fumikomurase AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Mike Nix: mikenix1 AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Martha Robertson: marrober AT MARK alumni dot iu dot edu
  • Jackie Suginaga: jackiesuginaga AT MARK gmail dot com
  • James Underwood: jamesmichaelunderwood AT MARK gmail dot com