Learner Development Journal Concept

The Learner Development Journal (LDJ)

updated 23 December 2022

ISSN 2433-5401

22nd December 2022 – LDJ6: Learner Development Beyond the Classroom now online!

Editors: Isra Wongsarnpigoon, Dominique Vola Ambinintsoa, Phillip A. Bennett, & André A. Parsons 


LDJ8: Call for Exploratory and Practice-Based Inquiries and Reviews 

Theme: Exploring grassroots, innovative, and creative approaches to language learning materials development through inclusive practitioner-research 

Deadline: Sunday 15 January 2023 

Editors: Anna Costantino, Nour Bouacha, and Assia Rolls  (Email: <jaltldj8@gmail.com>) 


LDJ7: Challenging the Conventions in Learner Development Research

Editors: Aya Hayasaki, Ellen Head, & Ryo Moriya

In process: Research, collaboration, and writing actively under way

Planned publication date: November/December 2023