The Learner Development Journal (LDJ)

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The Learner Development Journal (LDJ) is the online, open-access journal of the JALT Learner Development SIG. Published once a year, the LDJ is devoted to practitioner-driven research, reviews, and interviews exploring learner development issues in second language education.

Rooted in a commitment to community, collaboration, and praxis, each issue of the LDJ publishes work on a particular learner development theme that the contributors of that issue explore together, under the leadership of the issue co-editors. In this collaborative process, contributors are encouraged to inquire into connections between practice and theory, problematize, and raise questions, as well as write in a personalised reflective voice.

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The Learner Development Journal

Issue 7, December, 2023

Challenging the Conventions of Learner Development Research

Edited by (Gareth Barnes), Aya Hayasaki, Ellen Head, (Ryo Moriya)

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