Annual Reports

LD SIG Annual Reports & AGM Minutes 2011-2022
updated 29 January 2023

SIGs are required to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) and submit an annual report of activities to the national SIG liaison. The Learner Development SIG holds its AGM at the international conference, which usually takes place in October or November. As our members are spread out across Japan, the AGM provides an invaluable opportunity to talk face to face about the SIG’s projects and discuss any challenges the teams are facing. Although the LD SIG is always in need of volunteers, additions and changes to teams are usually approved at the AGM, with the expectation that volunteers will continue in their new roles until the next AGM. However, you can get involved in any of the teams at any time of the year by just getting in touch with an existing team member or sending an email to one of the SIG coordinators. You’re always welcome!

Current and past LD SIG committees have striven to maintain continuity and transparency within our organization. In order to achieve these aims, links to previous AGM Minutes and Annual Reports can be found below. These reports will be of particular interest and value to SIG officers, or members wondering what it’s like to be more involved in running the SIG. This archive includes the December 2010 Survey results, AGM Minutes 2011-15 & 2017-2021, and Annual Reports, 2013-2022.













2010 Survey