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About us


updated 9 January 2023

About the Learner Development (LD) SIG



The Learner Development SIG is a network with just under 200 members around the world who have an interest in developing and researching practices that aim to support autonomous learning and teaching. We share a commitment to exploring connections between:

  • our experiences as learners & our practices as teachers
  • learners’ experiences inside & outside the classroom.

We offer chances to get connected with other teachers, students and researchers through:

  • our twice-a-year newsletter Learning Learning
  • an email announcements list and other online resources
  • our once-a-year journal The Learner Development Journal
  • local area get-togethers in different parts of Japan
  • a forum (and great party!) at the annual JALT conference
  • links with similar groups in other parts of the world.

Our research-based publications include Autonomy You Ask! (2003), More Autonomy You Ask! (2006), Realizing Autonomy (2011), Learner Development: Different Cases, Different Interests (2014), and Collaborative Learning in Learner Development (2014), as well as The Learner Development Journal (2017~). We also provide a variety of grants to help educators without institutional support to attend the JALT CALL conference, PanSIG, and annual JALT international conference, conduct research, and carry out projects.

学習者ディベロプメント研究部会は、オートノミーの ある学習と教授を支援することを目的とした実践をさらに発展させ、研究することに関心のある者約200名が、世界中から集まって組織する研究部会です。次の点における関連性の探求に尽力します。

  • 学習者としての経験と教師としての実践
  • 学習者としての教室内外での経験


SIGの研究を基にした出版物として、Autonomy You Ask! (2003)、More Autonomy You Ask! (2006)、 Realizing Autonomy (2011)、Learner Development: Different Cases, Different Interests (2014)、Collaborative Learning in Learner Development (2014)、The Learner Development Journal (2017~) があります。また、他の組織から研究助成を受けていない教育関係者へは、JALT CALL学会・PanSIG・JALT国際学会への出席や、研究、プロジェクトを支援する様々な助成金制度もあります。

Learner Development (LD) SIG Officers 2023


The Learner Development SIG’s activities are the work of officer teams committed to a collaborative approach to personal and professional development. LD committee members work in pairs and groups to share ideas, talk, and learn together through organising the SIG’s activities.

学習者ディベロップメント研究部会(LD SIG)の活動は、個人として、また教育者・研究者としての成長にコミットする、各運営チームの協同によって支えられています。LD運営委員会では、ペアやグループワークを通じて、互いにアイデアを出し合い、話し合い、またお互いに学びあう中でSIGの様々な活動を推進しています。

These include putting on learner development events through the year (forums at various conferences, local get-togethers in Tokyo – and under discussion for Kansai), producing regular publications (a biannual newsletter, Learning Learning, as well as an annual journal (The Learner Development Journal), and providing various grants (conference, project, research) for SIG members without institutional support. Other key areas of committee activity involve publicity, membership, treasury, and maintaining the SIG’s different websites and online presence (for example, Facebook, mailing lists).

SIGの主な活動には、学習者ディベロップメントに関するイベント(各種学会でのフォーラム運営、広島・関西・東京でのget-togetherなど)の開催、定期刊行物の製作・発行(年2回発行のニュースレター『学習の学習』、年1回発行の機関誌『The Learner Development Journal』)、さらに所属機関からの資金的サポートのないSIGメンバーを対象とした各種学会・プロジェクト・研究への助成金を通じた支援があり、他にも広報・メンバーシップ・会計の各運営、チームとしての活動、SIGウェブサイトやその他オンラインでのプレゼンすの維持など多岐にわたっています。

For 2022 we look forward to another exciting year of learning together. We hope that many members will take an active part in the PanSIG, JALTCALL, and JALT International conferences, as well as local get-togethers, and contribute to the SIG’s newsletter and journal.

2022年も部会では興味深いイベントが目白押しです。Pan SIG, JALT CALL、そしてJALT年次国際大会はもちろん、本年度もより多くのメンバーが、地区レベルでのミーティング(get-togethers)や定期刊行物の作成により精力的に参加していただけることを願っています。

If you are interested in joining the LD committee and helping the SIG continue developing its many different activities, please contact any committee member or one of the co-coordinators. Many thanks – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!



  • James Underwood: jamesmichaelunderwood AT MARK gmail dot com

Treasury Team

  • Patrick Kiernan: patrick.james.kiernan AT MARK gmail dot com

Membership Team

  • Emily Choong
  • Sayaka Karlin

Publicity Team

  • Rob Moreau: robertmoreaumandoman AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Eileen Yap: eyap7111 AT MARK gmail dot com

Publicity Team Illustrator

  • Rob Moreau: robertmoreaumandoman AT MARK gmail dot com

Programme Team

  • Anita Aden
  • Amelia Yarwood

Grants Team

  • Kio Iwai: kio-iwai AT MARK rikkyo.ac.jp
  • Masayo Kanno: kanno.masayo AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Sami Yoshimuta: yoshimuta.satomi AT MARK gmail dot com

Publications Team

  • Mike Kuziw: mike.kuziw AT MARK gmail dot com (publications chair)

Learning Learning Editorial Team

  • Ken Ikeda: lleditor 30 dot 2 AT MARK gmail dot com (editor, members’ voices, grant awardee essays)
  • Mike Kuziw: mike dot kuziw AT MARK gmail dot com (editor, members’ voices, research and reviews)
  • Hugh Nicoll: hnicoll AT MARK gmail dot com (editor, grant awardee essays, webmaster)
  • Tim Ashwell: tashwell AT MARK gmail dot com (editor)
  • Megumi Uemi: megumiuemi AT MARK gmail dot com (editor, translator)
  • James (Jamie) Thomas: jaebez dot thomas AT MARK gmail dot com (editor)

Learner Development Journal Steering Group

  • Andy Barfield: andybarfieldchuo AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Tanya McCarthy: mccarthytanya.m AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Yuri Imamura: imamura dot b152rq AT MARK gmail dot com

Learner Development Journal Layout and Design

  • Ivan Lombardi: Ivan AT MARK @g.u-fukui.ac.jp

Learner Development Journal editors

  • Issue 1: Darren Elliott, Hugh Nicoll
  • Issue 2: Chika Hayashi, (Patrick Kiernan), Masuko Miyahara
  • Issue 3: (Christina Gkonou), Yoshio Nakai, Jim Ronald
  • Issue 4: (Sabine Little and Michelle Golledge)
  • Issue 5: Andy Barfield, Oana Cusen, (Yuri Imamura), & (Riitta Kelly)
  • Issue 6: (Isra Wongsarnpigoon, Dominique Vola Ambinintsoa, Phillip A. Bennett, & André A. Parsons)
  • Issue 7: (Gareth Barnes), Aya Hayasaki, Ellen Head, (Ryo Moriya)
  • Issue 8: (Anna Costantino), (Nour Bouacha), and (Assia Rolls)

         Note: () = not members of the LD-SIG committee mailing list

Web Maintenance and Development

  • Main LD SIG website, Hugh Nicoll: hnicoll AT MARK gmail dot com (outgoing)
  • Nicolas Emerson (incoming)
  • The Learner Development Journal website, Tanya McCarthy: mccarthytanya.m AT MARK gmail dot com

Get-Together Team

  • Tim Ashwell: tashwell AT MARK komazawa-u dot ac dot jp
  • Ken Ikeda: kodanuki AT MARK gmail DOT com

Committee Members at large

  • Lee Arnold: washizora AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Matthew Coomber: mcoomber AT MARK hotmail dot com
  • Dexter Da Silva: dasilva AT MARK keisen dot ac dot jp
  • Bill Mboutsiadis: billmboutsiadis AT MARK gmail dot com
  • Mike Nix: mikenix1 AT MARK gmail dot com