Updated 31 January 2021

Learner Development SIG-related Events 2021


Learner Development SIG Forums in 2021

We are proud to inform you of the first Learner Development SIG Forum of this new year will take place at the PanSIG 2021 conference on the weekend of May 15-16. The theme is:

Challenges in Multilingual Learner Development
Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture (Hybrid Face-to-face & Online)

We invite all interested presenters to submit a working abstract this month.

Submission Deadline: Monday, March 1, 2021

Connecting with the theme of “Local and Global Perspectives: Plurilingualism and Multilingualism,” we invite proposals in which presenters explore the development of linguistic diversity in learners’ lives and environments, whether within formal education or in the wider world. What affordances and constraints do learners face in developing their linguistic repertoires beyond a simple binary of first and second language? What challenges do they face as multilingual learners and users in participating in different communities and in becoming more autonomous? What peculiar trajectories do learners’ language biographies take, and what dilemmas, questions, or puzzles do they have? Why? In this Learner Development SIG Forum at PanSIG 2021, we would like to explore the challenges and benefits of learning and using multiple languages from diverse perspectives. We welcome digital and poster displays that engage with learner language biographies, learning strategies, lingua franca, majority/minority language use, content-based learning with more than one language, CLIL, and other related topics and issues. Our aim is for presenters and participants to engage in a lively exploration of the challenges of multilingual learning, use, and development. Depending on the number of presentations, the forum will feature timed rounds of interactive presentations followed by reflective writing and discussion. Presenters and participants will also be invited to contribute writing and related multimedia resources to the LD SIG’s newsletter, Learning Learning.

For more information, and to submit a proposal, see the following: