Learner Development SIG Community Activities 2017

学習者ディベロプメント研究会  活動計画2017

Updated 11 January 2017

Local area get-togethers


Local get-togethers are non-presenter based events where SIG members discuss in pairs and small groups their learning, teaching and researching practices and interests. Currently get-togethers take place in Hiroshima, Kansai and Tokyo.



Hiroshima get-togethers:

In Hiroshima, we are continuing to meet for LD get-togethers just about every month, but are just starting to introduce get-togethers alternating between Friday evenings (end of March, May…) and Saturday afternoons (end of April, June…). The aim is simply to be available to a greater number of people who are interested joining us. We meet at the Ryugakusei Kaikan, a few minutes’ from Hiroshima Station.

Bring your learner development hopes, plans, research projects for the new academic year with you. And if you have something good to read related to learner development / autonomy, please bring that along too. Look forward to seeing you! The get-togethers will continue to be managed by Jim Ronald and Andrew Brady, but we are looking forward to expanding the running of the get-togethers to three or four people.

If you would like to know more,  please get in touch with Jim Ronald (jmronald AT MARK gmail DOT com or 082-222-4445) or just come along to a meeting. You are welcome!

Kansai get-togethers:

Kansai get-together contact is Brandon Kramer, brandon.l.kramer AT MARK gmail DOT com. Looking forward to getting your suggestions by e-mail!

Tokyo get-togethers:

Our get-togethers culminated last year in December with the Creating Community Learning Together 3 informal afternoon conference where 34 students and 30 teachers took part. You may be surprised to know that we don’t do that every month! In the rest of the year the Tokyo get-togethers are run in a participant-centred fashion where those attending discuss in pairs and small groups their learner development interests, practices, and puzzles, with a view to developing small collaborations over time. These small collaborations often grow into joint presentations, practitioner research, and different kinds of writing projects (for example, reflective writing, short articles, occasional book projects), but they don’t need to. The get-togethers thus aim to provide a flexible, supportive, and convivial environment for exploring learner development according to people’s particular interests and concerns.


We welcome the participation of teachers from diverse teaching contexts – including elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, university, distance learning & graduate studies, and language school settings – and teachers teaching languages other than English.

Our first get-together of 2017 will be taking place on Sunday January 22nd at Otsuma Women’s University, and we will be sending further details to SIG members in the greater Tokyo area at the start of January. At the January get-together we will be discussing interests, goals and plans for the coming year, as well as deciding dates for the other 2017 get-togethers. You are every welcome to come along and join in – and to invite a colleague or friend too if they share an interest in learning about learner development together with other teachers and graduate students. If you are planning on coming along on January 22nd, please do send us a short email to let us know – <>. Many thanks.


We hope that many SIG members will be able to take part in these different local SIG meetings. For more information, contact the local area get-together coordinator(s) nearest to you. For contact details please see the officers page.

  • Hiroshima: Jim Ronald and Ariel Sorenson
  • Kansai: Anita Aden and Chris Fitzgerald
  • Tokyo: Andy Barfield, Jenny Morgan, and Ken Ikeda (until April 2017)

Background to the local area get-togethers

In the 1990s when the Learner Development SIG started out, we tried to do things a little differently by holding small meetings, without a presenter, where people could talk with each other directly about their interests. Since JALT2006, members of the Learner Development SIG across Japan have been re-connecting with this original combination of learner and teacher development. Different local groups have been getting together to talk about learner and teacher development issues of central concern to those taking part.