2012 Special Issue 19.2


Proceedings of the JALT Learner Development SIG Realizing Autonomy Conference
at Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan Saturday, October 29, 2011

ISSN 1882-1103

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Introduction (2)

Alison Stewart and Kay Irie Download “Introduction”

Autonomy, Agency, and Social Capital: Surfing the Altruistic Coral Reef Cafés On a 40-Mile Layer of Life! (4)

Tim Murphey Download “Murphey”

Exploring Learners’ Changing lexical landscapes and learner autonomy (18)

Andy Barfield Download “Barfield”

Encouraging students to engage in learning outside the classroom (31)

Clair Taylor, Daniel Beck, Darrell Hardy, Keiko Omura, Michael Stout and Gerald Talandis Jr. Download “Taylor, et al”

Developing a Motivational Learning Environment (46)

Steven Paydon Download “Paydon”

Exploring and Transforming: A Dialogue on Self-Reflective Practices for Teacher Development (60)

Robert Moreau and Jackie Suginaga Download “Moreau-Suginaga”

Self-Talk Of a Turtle: Autonomy in Creating a Chapter (70)

Naoko Harada Download “Harada”

Opening remarks to the plenary talk by Richard Pemberton and Mike Nix (76)

Andy Barfield Download “Richard Pemberton Welcome”

Practices of Critical Thinking, Criticality and Learner Autonomy (79)

Richard Pemberton and Mike Nix Download “Pemberton-Nix”

Richard Pemberton: His World of Work and Service (95)

Andy Barfield Download “Richard Pemberton’s World of Work and Service”

Contributing to Learning Learning
「学習の学習」原稿募集 (p100)

Download “Contributing to Learning Learning”