2013 Fall 20.2


ISSN 1882-1103

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Contents | 目次

Greetings and News Updates | 挨拶と近況報告 (p1)

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  • In This Issue 今号について
  • Learner Development SIG News Update LD SIG 近況報告

Getting Connected: Local Get-together Reports | つながりを求めて (p8)

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  • Getting Connected: Local Get-together Reports from Kansai, Hiroshima, and Tokyo

LD SIG 2012 Research Grant Awardee: Interview on Research Interests
2012年度LD SIG研究助成金受賞者:研究課題についてのインタビュー (p11)

LD SIG members’ voices | メンバーの声 (p15)

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  • Introducing John Garrett; William Hassett; Gareth Humphreys; Brandon Kramer; Joël Laurier; Rachelle R. Meilleur; Rose O’Loughlin; Ágnes Patkó; and, Robert J. Werner

Language Learning History | 言語学習歴 (p31)

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  • Language Learning History: “From a learner of English at school to a learner as an English user and teacher,” Sumie Saito

Feature Articles フィーチャード アーティクルズ

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  • “Promoting student autonomy with a simple online learning management system,” Peter Hourdequin

Special Feature: LD SIG 20th Anniversary Conference
特集:LD SIG 創設20周年記念大会 (p43)

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  • “Exploring teacher-learning: Interview with Richard Smith, Learner Development SIG co-founder”, Andy Barfield and Richard Smith
  • “Interview with Kensaku Yoshida”, Aiko Minematsu and Kensaku Yoshida
  • “Interview with Phil Benson”, Mike Nix and Phil Benson

NGO Outreach NGOアウトリーチ (p61)

Looking Back | 報告 (p63)

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  • “The Japanese Association of College English Teachers (JACET) 52nd International Convention in Kyoto,August 30 – September 1, 2013”, Jim Ronald
  • “The PanSIG 2013 Collaborative Forum: The World, the Language Learner, and Relationships”, Jim Ronald
  • “Reflections on the LD Forum at CALL 2013”, Hugh Nicoll

Looking Forward | 今後のイベント (p67)

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  • “Transitions in the Lives of Learners and Teachers”, JALT 2013 LD SIG FORUM
  • JALT 2013 Conference Preview, compiled by Ian Hurrell

SIG Matters | インフォメーション (p79)

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  • Call For Contributions「学習の学習」原稿募集
  • Financial Report 財務報告