Learning Together With an Extraordinary Community of Educators in Non-State Education
in Burma/Myanmar

アンディー・バーフィールド (中央大学)& ジェニー・モーガン(和洋女子大学
Andy Barfield, Faculty of Law, Chuo University & Jenny Morgan, Wayo Women’s University


In this article we focus on what we have learnt from doing teacher education workshops in Burma/Myanmar with an inspiring group of trainers of trainers working in non-state education (aka non-formal education). These trainers are active in monastic schools and education and development NGOs. In this article we trace the development of our involvement in these workshops and explore how we have come to understand the “active reflective learning” approach that we take as a process of working towards a creative sense of critical literacy rather than purely skills training. Specifically we consider the complex but minimum scaffolds we used for different workshops and also look at questions of multilingualism in such in-service education.



Keywords: non-state education in Burma/Myanmar, teacher education, active reflective learning, critical literacy, creativity ビルマ/ミャンマーの非国家教育、教師教育、アクティブ・リフレクティブ・ラーニング、批判的リテラシー、創造力

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