In Our Own Words: Japanese and Foreign University Students and Their Reflections on Cultural Adjustment
リー・アーノルド & メーラン・サベット(聖学院大学)| Lee Arnold and Mehran Sabet Seigakuin University


Many Japanese university students expect immediate improvements in language skills, as well as cultural awareness, from study abroad programs. Yet complexities may arise beyond what students may foresee. Psychological factors of uncertainty avoidance and dynamics of emotional regulation all profoundly influence homestay students’ cognitive behaviors. This paper analyzes selected video interviews with homestay participants on how they viewed their experiences at the time and in retrospect. The video project proved to be beneficial for individual students by enabling them to analyse and better understand their emotional responses to unfamiliar cultural practices, as well as for other students by providing them with role models and authentic cross-cultural issues for discussion. The project also has great potential as a growing database of student stories for further research on study abroad and intercultural learning.



Keywords: homestay, study abroad programs, video reflections, cultural adjustment, emotional regulation ホームステイ、留学プログラム、ビデオ、振り返り、文化的適応、感情制御

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