Japanese University Students and Learning Management Systems
シャーロット・ムラカミ(福岡大学)| Charlotte V. T. Murakami, Fukuoka University


While Learning Management Systems (LMSs) have become a common feature within education systems worldwide, their use in Japanese universities remains minimal. Despite recent government initiatives to incorporate ICT into the education system, many students have never even heard of an LMS by the time they matriculate, and they typically continue to remain highly paper and blackboard dependent in university. In this study I investigate how well 458 university students adapted to the use of a cloud-based LMS. I then go on to identify what factors affect their willingness-to-use, which was found to be an essential factor for successful adaption to LMS usage.



Keywords: Learning Management System, Japan, university, ICT, willingness-to-use
学習管理システム, 日本、大学、ICT、遣る気

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