Raising Global/Glocal Awareness in L2 Writing through Photojournalistic Images
リー・アーノルド (聖学院大学) | Lee Arnold, Seigakuin University


Although using imagery is a common pedagogic strategy, research into the use of different types of imagery in the L2 writing classroom has been limited. Photojournalistic imagery provides an especially rich and powerful source of meaning and content and may form compelling material to explore global-glocal themes for productive composition. The account presented in this article explores the use of photojournalistic imagery around refugee issues in a first-year writing course at a private university. Learners were asked to choose from a set of photojournalistic imagine about refugees and to imagine themselves either as refugees bound for resettlement in Japan, or as individuals who specialize in working with refugees. The article details how the students then completed a sequence of guided writing tasks to explore the vulnerable situations that refugees find themselves and the life-changing and often traumatic experiences that they go through. Examples of the writing that the students produced about the lives of refugees reveal the powerfully empathetic and moving interpretations that the students made. This approach thus underlines the potential of using photojournalistic images for raising students’ L2 global-glocal awareness in their L2 writing.



Keywords: imagery, photojournalism, global-glocal awareness, L2 writing, empathy イメージ、フォトジャーナリズム、グローバル・グローカルな気付き、L2ライティング、共感

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