2015 Fall 22.3


ISSN 1882-1103

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Contents | 目次

Greetings and News Updates | 挨拶と近況報告 (p1~6)

Getting Connected: Local Get-together Reports | つながりを求めて (p7~8)

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  • Getting Connected: Local Get-together Reports from Kansai, Hiroshima, and Tokyo

LD SIG 2014 Research Grant Awardees’ Reports | LD SIG 研究助成金受賞者の報告 (p9~20))

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  • JALT 2014: Bringing about active participation through ELF and collaborative learning, Laurier, Joel (9-12)
  • JALTCALL 2015 Conference Report: New perspectives on engaging learners through technology, Sullivan, Michael T. (13-16)
  • Learning Through Participation: An ALT perspective on JALT PanSIG in Kobe, Gallagher, Nicole (17-20)

Featured Article | フィチャード アーテイクル (p21~29)

Interview インタビユー (p30~34)

Looking Forward 今後のイベント (p35~44)

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  • JALT2015 conference preview, Lee, Arnold
  • Japan Association for Self-Access Learning (JASAL) Autumn 2015 events, Thornton, Katherine

SIG Matters | インフォメーション (p46~47)

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  • Call For Contributions「学習の学習」原稿募集 (46)
  • Financial Report 財務報告 (47)