Collaborative Learning in Learner Development (CLiLD)


Editors: Tim Ashwell, Masuko Miyahara, Steven Paydon and Alison Stewart
編集者: テイム・アシュウエル、宮原万寿子、ステイーブ・ペウイドン、アリソン・スチュワート、

Collaborative Learning in Learner Development (“CLiLD”) presents 12 chapters, comprising reviews of the field, dialogue, action research and reflections, which together offer a multifaceted and critical new look at the widely held assumption that people learn best in groups.

The chapters and authors are as follows:

Introduction / 序論
Chapter 1: Clarifying Terms / 協働学習?協同学習?:用語の一律化 — Alison Stewart & Tim Ashwell
Chapter 2: Theoretical Underpinnings of Collaborative Learning / 協働学習に関する理論的根拠 — Alison Stewart, Masuko, Miyahara, Steven Paydon & Tim Ashwell
Chapter 3: A Dialogue on the Importance of Trust in Collaborative Learning / 協働学習における「トラスト」の重要性 — Steven Paydon & Dexter Da Silva
Chapter 4: Collaborative Learning Activities and the Motivation for Learning English: An Exploration of the Relationship between the Two in a University EFL Classroom / 協働学習活動と英語学習動機づけの関係:大学の英語の授業における探求 — Etsuko Shimo
Chapter 5: Investigating the Role of Collaborative Pre-Listening Tasks in University Listening Classes/ 大学英語リスニングクラスにおける「協働的プレ・タスク」の効果について— Hiromi Tsuda
Chapter 6: Exploring Collaborative Dialogue in Group Journal Writing / グループジャーナルライティングにおける協働的対話の研究 — Chika Hayashi
Chapter 7: The Role of Collaboration in a Learner Autonomy Programme / 学習者の自律を高める授業での協働的作業の役割 — Chris Fitzgerald & Martin Mullen
Chapter 8: Evaluating In-House Materials for Collaborative Learning / 協働学習を育成する教材開発とその評価 — Mathew Porter
Chapter 9: Implementing a Team-Based Learning Approach in Japanese University Seminar Classes /チームベースドラーニングの導入 : 大学ゼミにおける試み — Tim Ashwell
Chapter 10: Cross-Institutional Collaboration: Lessons From an Unsuccessful Project / 大学間の協働学習の試み:失敗に終わったプロジェクトからの教訓 — Ken Ikeda
Chapter 11: Collaboration: Content-learning, Language Learning and Practicum all Rolled into One / 容習得・言語習得・実習 : 協働的学びへの試み — Ann Mayeda
Chapter 12: Collaborative Learning and Professional Development for Teachers in an Elementary School Context / 小学校における教師の協働的学びと専門的成長 — Hideo Kojima
Drawing Some Threads Together / 結び

Collaborative Learning in Learner Development (“CLiLD”) was published in December 2014 in the form of an e-book and as a pdf and can be downloaded for free from Smashwords.
A limited number of print copies are also available for free for LD SIG members living in Japan. If you would like a copy or have any questions concerning CLiLD, please contact Tim Ashwell at tashwell AT MARK