Sharing reflections

The conference took place on Sunday December 14 2014, with 38 poster presentations/digital displays given by both teachers and students. Forty-eight teachers and 42 students attended. A really big thank you to everyone who supported, presented at, and participated in the conference!

Whether you were a presenter or participant at the conference, you are warmly invited to contribute a short reflective report on Creating Community: Learning Together. Your reflection can be written in English, Japanese, or both languages, and can include multimedia elements. Reports should be between 300 and 1000 words long. Your reflective reports will be published in Learning Learning, the newsletter of the Learner Development SIG, or collected together to create an online website about Creating Community: Learning Together, which can be shared with other students and teachers.

Guideline for Writing Your Reflective Report: Four Easy Stages

1. Give a short summary of one of, or some of, the presentations and/or discussions at the conference.

2. Explain and comment on different connections and/or contradictions that you noticed between different presentations and/or discussions at the conference.

3. Share questions that you have about creating community & learning together.

4. Show your reflective report to a trusted friend or colleague and ask them to read it. Encourage them to give you feedback and comments  so that you can “polish” and “fine-tune” your report before you send it to the conference organisers at the email address below.