Joining the Learning Learning team

Updated 1 March 2024

Those working on Learning Learning share a commitment to working together in small teams. We aim to learn together about writing, editing, responding, and/or translating, for our shared personal and professional development. Some areas where we would like to encourage SIG members to take part and work together on Learning Learning include:
  • Layout and Design: working on the formatting and preparation of finalised content for online publication
  • Members’ Voices (co-)coordinating: contacting news members of the SIG and working with them to develop their writing in a variety of formats and lengths as a first step to taking part in the SIG’s publication activities;
  • Looking Back (co-)coordinating: working with contributors writing on events related to learner development (conferences, forums, get-togethers, workshops, both face to face and online) for publication in Learning Learning;
  • Research and Reviews (co-)coordinating: encouraging potential contributors to send in summaries and accounts of research, as well as reviews (of books, journal articles, materials, or web resources relating to learner development), and working with them to develop their writing for publication in Learning Learning.
If you are interested in any of these areas of working together (and/or you have other areas of interest) and would like to discuss your interest and ideas, please email any member of the Learning Learning editorial team:
  • Ken Ikeda (editor, members’ voices, grant awardee essays)
  • Mike Kuziw: mike dot kuziw AT MARK gmail dot com (editor, research and reviews)
  • Hugh Nicoll: hnicoll AT MARK gmail dot com (editor, webmaster)
  • Tim Ashwell: (editor)
  • Megumi Uemi: megumiuemi AT MARK gmail dot com (editor, translator)
  • James (Jamie) Thomas: jaebez dot thomas AT MARK gmail dot com (editor)
  • Ivan Lombardi: (editor, layout & design)
  • Lorna Asami (editor)
  • new editors and translators welcome

Many thanks!