Kansai Get Together Report No. 4

LD SIG Kansai Get Together #4 Report

March 26th, 2016 12:15 – 13:00

In attendance: Ann Flanagan, Mary Hillis, Richard Silver, Chris Fitzgerald, Brad Howe, Agnes Patko and Anita Aden

Kansai Get Together #4 discussion highlights:
Our monthly gathering occurred during the CEFR conference that was held on March 26 – 27 in Osaka. We started with a brief introduction from each person and summarized the LD SIG Get Together’s purpose for new people joining today.

With the morning’s CEFR workshop fresh in our minds, we discussed the e-portfolio idea that Barbel Kuhn presented. E-portfolios can be used as part of a resume or business link, and one example is found on an independent platform called Mahara. The use of an e-portfolio is not limited to university life only but is intended for life long learners to track their progress.
Mahara e-portfolio link: https://mahara.org/

As a follow up to the ‘Can Do’ statements used in writing classes from last month’s discussion, Richard brought an example of a four-course/1 year assessment handout that students and teachers will chart together throughout the academic year. This assessment tool will ensure some level of continuity of student progress being communicated throughout the year. Mary added another example of how her students create a “Remember” list of expectations that they need to do for a successful presentation. Having peer reminder activities puts the onus on the students to further their progress in the class.

Another discussion point focused on leveling of students in English classes. Some Kansai school administrators are determining students’ English level for placement in 1st year classes by using the TOEIC Bridge: https://www.ets.org/toeic_bridge and GTEC: http://www.benesse-gtec.com/. In some university programs, the students’ grades are capped at a specific % grade ceiling according to their placement level. Other examples of assessment tests related to the CEFR can be found in Jack Bower’s CEFR handout: http://tinyurl.com/CEFworkshop

Agnes Patko joined us and talked about the recent Tokyo LD SIG Get Together’s plan to pursue a research theme in their meetings. The Kansai group had discussed a similar plan last month, so it was good to hear about the Tokyo group’s ideas. During next month’s meeting, we will talk more about doing a Kansai research project together.

The next Kansai Get Together, #5, is scheduled for Sunday, April 17th
10:30 a.m. at the Hito Machi Koryukan Community Centre (Kyoto)

Homework due:

  • Please bring a rubric that you have created or a ‘Can Do’ list to share together. 😉

There will be a discussion about creating an event for students to meet together. This may include using Periscope: www.periscope.tv