LD SIG Kansai January 2017 Report

LD SIG Kansai Get Together #13

January 21, 2017 10:30 – 12:30
Where: Hito Machi Koryukan Community Centre (Kyoto)
In attendance: Katherine Thornton, Shuji Narita and Anita Aden
Not able to attend: Yoshio Nakai, Ann Flanagan, Agi Patko, & Jennifer Teeter

Dates of LD SIG / JALT events:

  1. 2017 Kansai GT dates: February 18th (Saturday) and March 18th (Saturday)
  2. = Every third Saturday of the month
  3. FLP – March 26th
  4. PAN SIG – in Akita – May 19-21
  5. K2W (Kansai To the World 2) conference on Sunday, June 11th – at Kyoto Univ
  6. JALT CALL – in Matsuyama June 6 -18

NOTES from this month’s meeting:

1. Topics of discussion included reviewing the last year in Kansai GT and how we become involved with this group.

2. We discussed 2017 goals for Kansai GT:
A. The monthly meeting will focus on member’s issues and topics

B. K2W #2 will be on June 11th
We need to make a clear plan for this event, including a site visit, making a bilingual poster for information, call for proposal poster, and update the website for registration and information

K2W post conference article for LD SIG’s Learning Learning written by mid-February.

  • The deadline is February 28th, 2017 for the April 2017 Learning Learning , Vol 24.1
  • Article length is 2500 – 4000 words
  • Editor is: Arnold Arai
  • Learning Learning link: https://ld-sig.org/learning-learning-23-3/
  • Rationale for conference: Katherine
  • Preparation/Aims: Agi, Anita, Katherine
  • Logistics (Duties and Outcomes) and Guidelines: Ann (completed)
  • Students Voice: Agi
  • Literature Review (CLT and JASAL): Katherine and Jen
  • Reflections (lessons learned / advice ) and Conclusion: ____________
  • Japanese description: Shuji

Info from December’s meeting:

  • Advertise this event as a chance to volunteer for a JALT conference.
  • Goal: 40 -50 participants
  • Make a SITE visit plan
  • Encourage 1st year students to attend (maybe not enough time to prepare as a presenter)
  • Goal for the next K2W conference is to have students lead / coordinate some parts of the conference