LD SIG Kansai March 2017 Report

LD SIG Kansai Get Together

  • 18th March, 2017, 10:30 – 13:00
  • Hito Machi Koryukan Community Centre (Kyoto)

In attendance: Fumiko Murase, Katherine Thornton, Diane Jacob, Yoshio Nakai, Agi Patko,
Not able to attend: Anita Aden, Gretchen Clark, Ann Flanagan, Jen Teeter

Next get-together: Sunday, 23rd April

Notes from 18th March

1. News:

Due to schedule changes in the new academic year, Anita Aden will not be able to attend the get-togethers regularly; therefore, she cannot take on the duties of coordination for a while. Coordination will be done by Agi Patko. If anyone is interested in joining her, please, do not hesitate to step up.

We are happy to welcome Fumiko Murase and Diane Jacob in the group.

2. upcoming events

  • 23 April Kansai get-together
  • ?? May Kansai get-together (date to be decided in April)
  • 18-21 May PanSIG
  • 27 May JALT Osaka chapter conference, possible cooperation.
  • Gretchen recommended the event, however, as she could attend, we didn`t get to know more about it. We thought we could present the article we have submitted to Learning Learning about Kansai to the World student conference in 2016.
  • ?? June Kansai get-together (date to be decided in April)
  • 11 June K2W2 at Kyoto University
  • 16-18 June JALT CALL
  • ?? July Kansai get-together (date to be decided in April)

3. discussion themes

It was proposed that deciding a theme for each get-together could provide a good focus to our meetings. As for April, as it is still early on in the new semester, we didn`t decide a theme. Please, bring along any ideas/ questions/ problems/ topics that you want to discuss. On the basis of the discussions that time, we will decide the theme for May.

4. K2W2 on 11th June

As this event may not concern all members, we would like to set the time for related discussions, The last hour of the get-together may be right. We may also need extra meetings for organisational purposes. An email will be sent out to the members shortly, to ask who is interested in doing the event. Please check your mailbox.

5. discussion

Diane introduced the English Village she works for. She shared with us many of the questions and puzzles she has faced working there. The importance of teacher training and management were two of the biggest issues.