Learning Together across Borders: Correspondence between
Hungarian and Japanese Learners of English

国境を超え共に学ぶ —ハンガリー人と日本人英語学習者の文通-

Agnes Patko パトコー アグネス
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies 京都外国語大学
Email: <>


Many foreign language learners I have met in Japan feel they do not have enough opportunities to practice English. They often do not like to read and write in the target language. Although learners would like to improve their communication skills, a great number of learners are afraid to speak because they are anxious about their mistakes. As a result, they lack confidence. I targeted the above challenges by setting up a bilingual correspondence project in which my students could experience authentic communication in English and act as native speakers. Corresponding with a foreign student of the same age was interesting and motivating to my students. In addition to improving their English, my students gained confidence and started to form a more positive opinion about their own language learning.




Language exchange, bilingual correspondence, writing skills, authentic communication