Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn:
Pragmatics Instruction by Students

– 学生による語用論教育 –

Jim Ronald ジム ロナルド
Hiroshima Shudo University 広島修道大学
Email: <>


This paper is a report of a near-peer pragmatics teaching project and the creation and presenting of the poster through which the project was introduced. It is also a report of student and teacher reflections on the project. Further, it is a report of the roles the poster has played in introducing the project to students and in facilitating teacher reflection concerning both the project and the teaching of pragmatics as part of English speaking classes. Finally, this paper is a reflection on the value of written teacher and student reflections to challenge our own beliefs about language teaching and, consequently, to impact that teaching itself.




reflection, pragmatics, learner development, teacher development, peer teaching