More Autonomy You Ask!

Updated January 2023

Following the success of Autonomy You Ask! (2003), another group of Learner Development SIG members came together for a second book project, which was led by Eric M. Skier and Miki Kohyama. More Autonomy You Ask! consisted of 16 chapters, with critical reader responses to the 13 practice-based chapters. The other three chapters featured an introduction by Stephen Krashen, a guest mid-volume chapter by Chitose Asaoka, and a closing commentary chapter by Terry Lamb. The book was published in 2006 in a limited print run. Currently the Learner Development SIG has a few display copies for reference. The full PDF is available for download, as are the individual chapters through the links in the Table of Contents below.


Acknowledgements & Foreword Miki Kohyama & Eric Skier

Guest Writer Introduction

Chapter 1 The Autonomous Language Acquirer (ALA)   Stephen Krashen

Learner Autonomy in Japan, Past and Present

Chapter 2  Learner Autonomy and Education Reform in Japan: Asking the StudentsEllen Head, with critical reader responses by Naoko Aoki and Steve Davies

Inquiry into Language Learners

Chapter 3  Developing Autonomous Habits with Extensive ListeningMatthew Apple, with critical reader responses by Turid Trebbi and Yoko Wakui

Chapter 4  Collaborative Shadowing Activities: Why Collaboration?  – Etsuko Shimo, with critical reader responses by Michael Guest and Amanda Bradley

Chapter 4  Developed Autonomy through Self- and Peer Assessment and Reflection: Awareness and Success in Students’ Presentation Skills  – Yoko Wakui, with critical reader responses by Sara Cotterall and Brad Deacon & Robert Croker

Chapter 6  Minimizing Oral Apprehension and Stage Fright: A Report on Developing the Oral Presentation Skills of Non-Native Speakers of English  – Mark Surma and Miyuki Usuki, with critical reader responses by Hiromi Ishikawa and Nanci Graves & Stacey Vye

Chapter 7  Taking the Teacher Out of the Test: Exploring Student Autonomy in EFL Classroom Testing – Marlen Elliot Harrison, with critical reader responses by Michael Nix and Etsuko Shimo

Guest Writer Mid-Volume Commentary

Chapter 8  Guest Writer Chapter Chitose Asaoka

Inquiry into Institutional Practices

Chapter 9  Peer Teaching for a Change: It’s in Your Hands  – Brad Deacon and Robert Croker,  with critical reader responses by Peter Voller and Matthew Apple

Chapter 10 “How do we get hooked?” – What motivated students to commit themselves so fervently into autonomous and collaborative English learning projects? – Yoko Morimoto, with critical reader responses by Juanita Heigham and Steve Brown & Jodie Stephenson

Chapter 11  Fostering Learner Autonomy through Dramatized Role-plays  – Denise Haugh, with critical reader responses by Sada Daoud and Yoko Morimoto

Chapter 12  Professionalism is Personal: How Teachers in Japan Help Themselves Develop Through Self-Reflection Practices  – Nanci Graves and Stacey Vye, with critical reader responses by Kevin Bodwell and Mark Surma

Chapter 13  Developing Learner and Teacher Autonomy through Student Journaling  – Amanda Bradley, with critical reader responses by Daragh Hayes and Marlen Harrison

Chapter 14  Critical Reflection: Developing Teacher and Learner Autonomy through Journals and Class Newsletters – Jodie Stephenson with critical reader responses by Barbara Sinclair and Denise Haugh

Chapter 15  Sebastian’s Journal A Short Story about the Darker Side of Learner Autonomy  – Stephen J. Davies, with critical reader responses by June Miliander and Ellen Head

Guest Writer Closing Commentary

Chapter 16  Feeling My Way Through My Thoughts on a Rainy Day – Terry Lamb