Civil activism, leadership and rebuilding communities

Beyond Tomorrow

Beyond Tomorrow is an organization that has maintained a scholarship and leadership program to help high school students from the region since the disaster.

Stories from Tohoku

This collection of reports from the Japanese NPO Center show how people from Tohoku are trying to rebuild their lives for the better.

Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Rebuilding

This Youtube playlist from the Architecture for Humanity is a collection of various videos connected with their project.

Fukushima On The Globe: Citizens Movement

This collection of resources reports on how Fukushima residents worked together to respond to the Nuclear Accident.

Women of Fukushima

In this award winning documentary six Japanese women  give their opinions of what has happened since the nuclear accident in Fukushima.

Made in New Japan

The Public Relations Office of the Government of Japan website  details the various programs that the Japanese government has been involved in since 2011.