Creating Community: Learning Together

Updated 26th November 2018

Creating Community: Learning Together (CCLT) is an informal afternoon conference organised by LD SIG members in Tokyo.

Creating Community: Learning Together 4 (CCLT4) 
Sunday December 16th 2018
12:00-17:00, Otsuma Women’s University, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Call for Contributions Extended Deadline: November 18th 2018!
For more details:

「コミュニティの創造:共に学ぶ4」は、12月16日(日)12:00-17:00に大妻女子大学(東京,市ヶ谷)で開催される午後のインフォーマルで和やかな学習者ディベロプメントSIGの 学会です。

We warmly invite proposals from students and teachers interested in sharing their work on learner development issues that interest them, for example autonomy, motivation, L1-L2 use, literacy, identity, critical pedagogy, creativity, Exploratory Practice, qualitative research (e.g., focus groups, interviewing, narrative research), content-based learning, (learner) use of technology, student research projects, goal-setting, self-assessment, self-evaluation, visualizing learner development, multilingualism, teacher learning, and so on.

オートノミー、モチベーション、第一言語・第二言語使用、リテラシー、アイデンティティ、クリティカル教育、創造性、Exploratory Practice(探究的実践)、質的研究(フォーカス・グループ、インタビュー、ナラティブリサーチ等)、コンテント中心学習、(学習者の)テクノロジー使用、学生の研究プロジェクト、目標設定、自己評価、学習者の成長の視覚化、多言語主義、教師の学び等、学習者ディベロプメントに関するご自身の研究を共有することに関心のある学生や教員の方々からの申し込みを募集しております。

The conference offers opportunities for teachers and their students to take part and, if they want to, give poster/digital display presentations, as well as have conversations and discussions, about various issues to do with learner development.


For more details, go to:
Call for Contributions Extended Deadline: November 11th 2018!
Creating Community: Learning Together 4 (CCLT4) 
Sunday December 16th 2018
Looking forward to seeing you there!


History: CCLT3 took place in December 2016. Thirty-four students and 30 teachers attended, and by all accounts everybody had a very enjoyable afternoon –  inspiring presentations and convivial discussions, with many different LD members leading the reflection circles after each of the three rounds of presentations. You can find the conference programme booklet here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Andy, Jenny and Ken (Tokyo get-together organisers) at <>. Many thanks!

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