Creating Community: Learning Together

(updated 9th June 2018)

Creating Community: Learning Together (CCLT) is the name for an informal afternoon conference organised by LD SIG members in Tokyo. In past years (2014, 2015, 2016) the event was the final Tokyo get-together of the year where both teachers and their students took part.

CCLT3 took place in December 2016. Thirty-four students and 30 teachers attended, and by all accounts everybody had a very enjoyable afternoon –  inspiring presentations and convivial discussions, with many different LD members leading the reflection circles after each of the three rounds of presentations. You can find the conference programme booklet here.

No decision has been made yet about holding CCLT4. If you are interested in helping get CCLT4 off the ground, please contact the Tokyo get-together organisers at <>. Many thanks.

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  1. November 9, 2015

    […] Congratulations to learning advisor Kie Yamamoto and her students Shiori Kanda, Misaki Tsuruta, Kao Shinoda and Haruna Hosoda who will be presenting at the Creating Community: Learning Together 2 which is taking place on Sunday December 13 2015. For more details, see the LD-SIG website. […]

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