2013 Spring 20.1


ISSN 1882-1103

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Contents | 目次

Greetings and News Updates | 挨拶と近況報告 (p1)

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  • In This Issue 今号について
  • Learner Development SIG News Update LD SIG 近況報告

Local Get-together Reports | つながりを求めて (p9)

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  • Getting Connected: Local Get-together Reports from Kansai, Tokyo and Hiroshima
    つながりを求めて:関西・東京・ 広島

LD SIG Grant Awardees: Essays on Research Interests (p14)
LD SIG研究助成金受賞者:研究課題に

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  • “A snowboarder’s insights: Teaching for the digital age” Gretchen Clark
  • “From Motivation and Anxiety to Autonomy: Reflections of Learner Development in Japanese High School Students,” Jason White

LD SIG members’ voices | メンバーの声 (p25)

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  • “Overcoming Anxiety: Knowing Myself and Filling the gaps” Takara Kenza Allal

Special Feature | 特集 (p28)

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  • “Tohoku Outreach Project: A Collaborative Report”

NGO Outreach NGO | アウトリーチ (p50)

LD SIG Interview (p52)

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  • “Interview with Naoko Aoki, Learner Development SIG co-founder”
    Alison Stewart and 青木 直子

Review | 書評 (p60)

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  • Innovating EFL Teaching in Asia, reviewed by Alison Stewart

Looking Back | 報告 (p64)

Looking Forward | 今後のイベント (p68)

Financial Report | 財務報告 (p74)