2014 Spring 21.1


ISSN 1882-1103

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ISSN 1882-1103

Greetings and News Updates | 挨拶と近況報告 (p1~8)

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  • In This Issue 今号について (1)
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  • Learner Development SIG News Update LD SIG 近況報告 (4)

Getting Connected: Local Get-together Reports | つながりを求めて (p9~12)

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  • Getting Connected: Local Get-together Reports from Kansai, Hiroshima, and Tokyo

LD SIG 2013 Research Grant Awardees (p13~32)
2013 年度 LD SIG 研究助成金受賞者

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  • LD SIG 20th Anniversary Conference: Opportunities for Career Development and Teacher Development, Tanja McCandie (13)
  • Report on LDSIG Conference 2013, Michael T. Sullivan (17)
  • A student’s perspective on JALT 2013, Aya Matsumoto (20)
  • Different perspectives on JALT2013 national conference, Caroline Ross (23)
  • Autonomous learning and intercultural communication: discoveries and perspectives, Michi Saki (25)

LD SIG members’ voices | メンバーの声 (p33~48))

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  • Learning and Growing in the Young Learner Classroom, Kathleen Cahill (35)
  • Teacher development is an essential part of learner development, Jenny Morgan (38)
  • From learner to educator- start a new journey through learner development, Kie Yamamoto (39)
  • My English Learning History and Learner Development, Tomoko Imamura (40)
  • “Language is the most human”, Maria Gabriela Schmidt (40)
  • Immersion Please!, Paul Anthony Marshall (42)
  • My journey towards joining the Learner Development SIG, Ben Rowlett (43)
  • Viewing low motivation and competence through a learner-development framework, Stephen Paton (44)
  • Learning From My Own Children, Emiko Matsui (47)

Special Feature 特集 (p49~65)

  • Download March 2014 Tohoku Outreach Weekend
  • The March 2014 Tohoku Outreach Weekend: A Collaborative Report, Andy Barfield, Sayuri Hasegawa, Rob Moreau, Ted O’Neill, and Mayumi Takizawa

NGO Outreach NGOアウトリーチ (p66~68)

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  • Cycling into the Student Ambassador Program’s second year, Colin Rundle and Caroline Ross

Looking Forward | 今後のイベント (p69~71)

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  • LD SIG FORUM at the PANSIG Conference in Miyazaki

SIG Matters | インフォメーション (p72~73)

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  • Call For Contributions「学習の学習」原稿募集 (72)
  • Financial Report 財務報告 (73)