2015 Spring 22.1


ISSN 1882-1103

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Contents | 目次

Greetings and News Updates | 挨拶と近況報告 (p1~5)

Getting Connected: Local Get-together Reports | つながりを求めて (p6~7)

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  • Getting Connected: Local Get-together Reports from Kansai, Hiroshima, and Tokyo

LD SIG Members’ voices | メンバーの声 (p8~11))

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  • Utilization of learners’ cultural backgrounds for the promotion of a positive learning environment in ELL classrooms, Nakagawa, Hiroshi

LD SIG 2014 Research Grant Awardees 2014 | 年度 LD SIG 研究助成金受賞者 (p12~18))

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  • Rejuvenating the spirit and challenging the mind at JALT 2014, Verla, Adrianne
  • My Family and Other Conceptions of “Clever”, Kocel-Ross, Caroline
  • Report (JALT 2014 Conference), Sakurai, Yoko

Creative Writing | クリエイティブ・ライティング (p18~20)

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  • Guidelines for the new creative writing column, Unosawa, Kazuko
    Theories of Second Language Requisition, Kocel-Ross, Caroline
  • Report (JALT 2014 Conference), Sakurai, Yoko


Featured Article | フィチャード アーテイクル (p21~28)

Looking Back 報告 (p29~38)

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  • Reflections on Creating Community: Learning Together, Otsuma Women’s University, December 14, 2014

Looking Forward 今後のイベント (p39~41)

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  • The stories of our success: Narratives in language development—LD SIG forum at the JALT Pan-SIG 2015 conference in Kobe
  • A web of connections – learner autonomy and Web 2.0 LD SIG forum at JALT CALL 2015 in Fukuoka

SIG Matters | インフォメーション (p42~43)

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  • Call For Contributions「学習の学習」原稿募集 (40)
  • Financial Report 財務報告 (41)