Creating Community Learning Together (CCLT1)

“Creating Community: Learning Together” is a small-scale, informal conference for students and teachers to learn together from each other about different experiences, questions and issues to do with learner development and community building. ‘Learner development’ and ‘community building’ here may cover ‘language learner development’ or, more broadly, other aspects, puzzles and processes of development that ‘as-learners’ (at whatever stage in our/their lives) we/they go through in our/their education, with others.

In getting together to explore learner development and community building through discussion and reflection, we want to keep the presentation formats informal and interactive, so digital displays/poster presentations will be the main format on the day. Multiple digital displays/poster sessions will take place at the same time, in two rounds of  60 minutes, with spaces for discussion and reflection in small groups following particular sets of presentations. The afternoon promises to be interactive and thought-provoking, with plenty of opportunities for presentation, discussion and reflection with each other.

The conference also aims to be informal by keeping administration and running costs to a minimum, so that prices can stay low, and the emphasis remains on participant activity, interaction, reflection, and shared learning.

Conference programme                  Poster design hints