LD SIG Journal Questionnaire Responses, 21 June 2015

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  1. Joe Tomei says:

    There’s been some discussion of an idea, which is related to a journal, but slightly different. LD has a forum at the National conference and at PanSIG as well as other conference (most recently the CALL SIG conference). A recurring problem is that the forum often has a number of presenters, so the word limit in the proceedings for these events is always rather tight. The previous approach has been to negotiate with whoever is the proceedings editors to get a more expansive word limit. However, this requires a new negotiation with each proceedings editor and results in varying lengths and editorial processes. I feel that if we make the LD forum proceedings paper a basic summary of all the presentations and then give forum presenters an opportunity to write a longer paper that would be part of this website, we would be able to create a system of support, have better control over the output, and perhaps an intermediate step between LL and the journal proposal above. I have been discussing this with several people, and I hope that we can take it to a wider circle. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments at tomeiter(at)gmail

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