Tokyo Get-together, 24 June 2018

Tokyo Get-together, 24 June 2018 Otsuma Women’s University, Chiyoda Campus, Building A, Room A357 from 2.30 to 5.00 pm. On the 24th we hope to continue discussions around the question of What meanings might learner development have for you/us/our students in 2018? Why?, as well as address and explore other questions in relation to your … Read more

Video Voices at ILA2018

Video Voices at ILA2018: The conference chairs of ILA2018 are inviting anyone – whether you can attend the conference or not – to add their voice to the experience of ILA 2018 through a short video, filmed on your smartphone, tablet or other device. We want to hear the voices of learners, teachers, advisors… anyone … Read more

2018 LD SIG Grants

2018 LD SIG Grants 1. Introduction Every year, the Learner Development (LD) SIG provides grants to support members’ professional development, research and educational- and volunteer-related activities and projects in the broad area of learner development. 2. Types of grants available In 2018, the LD SIG will provide up to five grants worth 40,000 yen each … Read more

Talking Points Blog, January 2017

January 2017

Greetings all,

& apologies for the long-dormant state of this, the Talking Points blog of the Learner Development SIG.

I am working on getting a reboot in motion, and to do so, sharing links from the IATEFL Research SIG. For more information, and to join the Re-SIG, please visit their web site: The group is open to interested parties, and maintains a Yahoo!Group discussion list, which hosts regular online discussions on issues that will often be of interest to LD-SIG members: action research, teacher research, mentoring and learner advising, reflective practice, etc.

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Talking Points February 2016

Getting started with the Talking Points Column for 2016

Arts education, learner autonomy, and learner advising (指導, 指導者)

Greetings all,

Hope everyone has gotten off to a good start in the New Year. This year’s Talking Points Blog column will be a shared project by Nicole Gallagher and Hugh Nicoll.

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Learning from an extraordinary community of educators: doing teacher education in Myanmar

Andy Barfield, Chuo University, & Jenny Morgan, Wayo Women’s University In March 2015 we spent a week in Yangon leading 30 hours of teacher education workshops with trainers of trainers working in non-state education (aka non-formal education). The workshops focused on life skills, critical thinking, personal English development, and producing low-cost materials. In Yangon, we constantly … Read more

LD SIG Journal Questionnaire Responses, 21 June 2015

Hello everyone

The text below summarizes the responses so far to our survey about setting up a Learner Development journal.

We feel it has already been a useful exercise to garner so many views about this proposal, but we would like to encourage you to carry the discussion further by sharing your comments as replies to this blog post, or emailing your replies to one of us [tjashwell AT MARK], or by joining in a discussion at a get-together, for example.

The replies were generally positive, but some very adroit notes of caution were sounded by several respondents and we need to consider in more detail how we can carry this idea forward. In that spirit, we would like to encourage SIG members to add their comments to this blog post.

Best regards, Tim, Andy, and Alison on behalf of the Publications Team

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Talking Points April 2015

This month, we have invited Mathew Porter to Talking Points. Mathew is a long-valued part of the Hiroshima LD Get-togethers, and of Hiroshima JALT, who has just moved to many new things in Fukuoka. As an English teacher who became a language advisor (LA), and is now returning to language teaching (note our awkward use of tenses below, reflecting these changes!), we thought this would be a good chance to learn what we can from him as he reflects on what he’s leaving and what he’s going on to.

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