Learning from an extraordinary community of educators: doing teacher education in Myanmar

Andy Barfield, Chuo University, & Jenny Morgan, Wayo Women’s University

0 Andrew & Jenny LD Forum 2015

In March 2015 we spent a week in Yangon leading 30 hours of teacher education workshops with trainers of trainers working in non-state education (aka non-formal education). The workshops focused on life skills, critical thinking, personal English development, and producing low-cost materials. In Yangon, we constantly adjusted the tentative plans that we had set in Japan to find ourselves creating a minimum but complex scaffold for the workshops. The whole experience had profound effects on both of us and enriched our own teacher learning for our university teaching and teacher education in Japan. Our Learner Development Forum presentation-display explored the approach we took, why, and what we learnt together.

1 LD Forum 2015 Barfield Morgan Poster 1

2 LD Forum 2015 Barfield Morgan Poster 2

3 LD Forum 2015 Barfield Morgan Handout Text

4 LD Forum 2015 Barfield Morgan ToT Participant Reflection Posters from Yangon

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